• Ok since I'm late for all the roleplays I'm making my own. So the story is that yellow diamond has sent a team to try and make a compromise with the crystal gems. But things go horribly wrong when they get stuck on earth.



    2.No arguing outside of the role play on this thread

    3.No Randomnis

    4.Do not meme nuke

    5.Only 8 Op Abilities

    6.Put your gem description like this.

    This is my gemsona:

    Name: Orange Diamond

    Gem Placement: Back Of Hand

    Weapon: Orange Starsaber

    Personality: You get on his nerves he'll probably smash you into a wall, but he usually has a good mood.

    Abilities: Time Stopping, Super Speed, Telekinesis, Time lord Regeneration, Flight, enhanced Morphing, Gun hands, battle armour (from his mask),Flight

    Position: The Leader Of The Mission

    Theme: We follow, Greet, Wait, And Repeat


    Orange Diamond

    By Aguanachopace

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    • Can we have multiple gemsonas?

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    • Yes

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    • Name: Morganite

      Gem: Pinkish-Orange heart shaped gemstone with no facets, placed on chest but a little to the left.

      Weapon: Staff (Picture)

      Personality: She's the smart one, she has a love of nerdy activities. She isn't much of a social person.

      Abilities: With her staff, she can copy any element or attack for a short time, but its a little weaker than the original attack, she can deflect attacks with her staff. When she does, the energy in the staff changes color. (Only attacks that are not physical, like a fire beam or a laser beam) 

      Position: Technician/Planner

      Appearence: She has bob cut like hair, except its slightly longer and messy. She wears a short white dress with a Yellow Diamond collar, with a small goldenrod jacket (with many pockets) on top. She wears black capri leggings and brown flats.

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    • Ok if you could tell more people about the role play because we need more members

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    • Maybe. But I can't RP today, im busy.

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    • Ok

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    • Nvm I've invited a bunch of people

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    • Oh, okay.

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    • (I'll Join)

      Gem: Twilight Quartz

      Gem Placement: Chest

      Weapon: Double Sided Torch Staff (One side shadowfire, one side lightfire. She can balance her staff turning both sides into twilifire)

      Enemies: None yet

      Allies: Orange Diamond

      Abilities: Twilight Element Manipulation (Control of a mix between light and shadow, and light and shadow itself)Teleportation, Telekenisis, Portal Creation, Telepathy, Cloning, Posessing, Brainwashing

      Personality: Balanced. Sometimes she can get really angry, but when she's not she's really happy

      Position: Second in line

      Lore: White Quartz and Black Quartz loved fusing into Grey Quartz. They loved each other dearly. They fused all the time. At gemshcool, at gemcollege, and when they worked as army gems. However, Grey Quartz was not a combination of White and Black Quartz's personalities. She was unique to both of them. She hated when things didn't go the way she wanted. When they faught, they stayed fused. They stayed fused for many years straight, until Black Quartz was assigned to fight in the Yellow Province. In her anger, Grey Quartz shattered her General. Terrified at what they had just done, they tried unfusing and running. But Grey Quartz was too stubborn to unfuse. She was caught by the authorities, and sent to jail. 5,000 years later, when they got out of jail White Quartz and Black Quartz were amazed to find new gem technology. they found out there was a way to fuse them, without them being a fusion. They immediatly went, vowing never to fuse into Grey Quartz again, not wanting to shatter another person. They were poofed, then their gems were put into a champer that fused their gems into one gem. When White Quartz and Black Quartz regenerated, they were one, powerful gem, Twilight Quartz.

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    • name; xeonus

      he is a half dragon, half gem hybrid experiment raised by rose and is currently living in a cave on roses cliff

      abilities: he can breath various tempratures of fire and use his horns to head butt foes

      personality: wise and freindly, and can form good relationships with others

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    • Name: Aventurine

      Gem Placement: Heart

      Weapon: Wand thing-more info about it in abillities

      Personality: Nice but michevious,Stylish and loves to party

      Abilities:Wand can shoot glass and slowly turn people into glass (takes about 1 minute). She can Shoot green lazers from her eyes and deflect things as long as she is paying attention to them. She can also summon things of clouds, but she can destroy them as well. Can summon her friend servants whenevr she pleases.

      Position: Escort but still important

      Gemsona aventurine by linkerbell-d8y9oos

      Appearance:As tall as Pearl:

      I will include theme in next post once I create it.

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    • Can I join and my Character is a Human

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    • Sure

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    • Can we start once human fills out his Char Card

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    • (Ill start)

      The Diamonds send a message to "special" gems.

      Orange Diamond gets a Message on his telephone thing.

      Message: OD we need you to come to the meeting room immediately! -Yellow Diamond

      Orange Diamond warps to the meeting room.

      Orange Diamond: Yes sir.

      Yellow Diamond: You've heard of the J.P.L incedent.

      Orange Diamond: Yes sir, I still can't believe that a fusion, a runt, a pearl and a hybrid monster took down a war ship. Do you want me to blow those gems to kingdom come!

      Yellow Diamond: No! I not starting another war! I don want one, I'm sending you on a peace mission.

      Orange Diamond: WHAT! Peace! With those traitors! Why?!?!

      Yellow Diamond: Because if we don't well have more casualties than the rebellion!

      Orange Diamond: Sorry sir.

      Yellow Diamond: Now I need you to get that team you have.

      Orange Diamond: Yes sir. This mission is a lost cause.

      Orange Diamond sends a message to his team

      Message: If you are reading this you have been chosen for a special peace mission, if you are not one of the people on this list, this is a mistake.

      Twilight Quartz: Second in Command

      Morganite: Technition

      Aventurine: Escort

      Orange Diamond: Mission Leader

      -Orange Diamond

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    • (This is my Character)

      Name: Xavier Watson

      Gem Placement: None

      Weapon: Silenced Assault Rifle,Combat Knife

      Enemies: Homeworld Gems

      Allies: Crystal Gems

      Abilities::Equiped with Standard Issued Power Armor For Phsycic Operatives which Gives Him The Abilities (Agility,Resilience,Invisibility), and He posses Natural Physicic abilities(Telepathy,Telekinesis),Natural Rapid Regeneration,He is Trained in Martial Arts..

      Personality:Nice,Smart, and Adaptive to any situation.

      Position: Phsycic and Combat Specialist.

      Appearance:He is a Caucasian Male in his Twenties, His hair is Black and He has a white Skin tone,He wears a Blue Shirt and Black Pants with Red striped White Shoes, But when In Battle and on Missions He Wears a Standard Issued Suits For Physichic Operatives in the SECO Combat Unit which is a Black Power Suit Which its Helmet Resembles a Swat Helmet with a red visor and a Gas Mask.

      Lore : He is a Specially Trained Soldier From The SECO Foundation,An Organisation Entrusted by The Governments of Earth to Contain and Fight anomalous Objects that might Threaten The normality of Earth,The Supernatural and Extraterrestial Containment Organisation Posseses Advanced Human Technology never Seen by the public and They have the most Strongest and skilled Human soldiers around,They are Responisble for Covering up Gem related events and Protecting Gem sites from The Hands of Rival Organisations Who wants to Use it for their own Interest.The SECO and The Crystal Gems created an Agreement that the Organisation will not Interfere with Their Activities.

      Due to the Rise of Gem Events like the Arrival of the Gem Warship,The Dissapearance of the Ocean and The attacks of the Cluster Gems In Human Cities,They Sent Xavier who Known the Crystal Gems Before To Beach City to Monitor Gem activities and Help the Crystal Gems when something goes horribly wrong.

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    • Name: Aquamarine

      Gem Placement:Side of neck

      Credits to PancryPacreas5

      Weapon: Scythe

      Personality: Very happy, is always late to things.

      Abilities: Super Speed, Hydrokinesis, Super Jump,

      Scythe Abilities: Double Sided Upgrade, SuperSize Upgrade, Boomerang features

      Position: Homeworld Gem's second class, just above Quartz Warrior

      Theme: Currently None

      Appearance: Credits to PancryPancreas5

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    • Morganite: *Gets the message* A peace mission? 

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    • Orange Diamond: Hmm. These guys took down a war ship. I'll need backup just in case.

      Message: Aquamarine you have been chosen personally to be on a mission of importance.

      -Orange Diamond

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    • Twilight Quartz: Meditating in a forest. She abruptly stops when she gets the message. Hmmm... Peace mission? Her gem glows white. I should go! Her gem glows black. No I shouldn't. Her gem glows This color orange. (This color will be called twilight.) I will go and if I don't like it I will quit. Her gem stops glowing. Yes. I shall go.

      (Since they are a unique fusion, they don't refer to themselves as "we" but instead "I")

      TQ: Creates a portal next to Orange Diamond's gem coordinatesSteps into it but goes into the room next to him. Steps back out and makes its coordinates closer. In Orange Diamond's throneroom she lands down on the ground. You called for me?

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    • Orange Diamond: Yes I did, Yellow Diamond has called us to make "peace" with the rebels.

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    • Leoderponir wrote:

      (This is my Character)

      Name: Xavier Watson

      Gem Placement: None

      Weapon: Pulse Sniper Rifle,Combat Knife

      Enemies: Homeworld Gems

      Allies: Crystal Gems

      Abilities:Equiped with Prototype Power Armor which Gives Him The Abilities of (Superhuman Strength,Agility,Resilience,Invisibility,Teleportation),Natural Physicic abilities(Telepathy,Telekinesis,Clairvoyance),Regeneration.

      Personality:Nice,Smart, and Adaptive to any situation.

      Position: Hostile Gem Containment Unit of The Human Military.

      Appearance:Wearing a Prototype Black Power Suit Which its Helmet Resembles a Swat Helmet with a red visor but with a Gas Mask.

      (Can you get rid of one of your abilities? We are only allowed to have 8.)

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    • (Ya sorry dude only 8)

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    • TQ: gem glows twilight. Yes. I will go. glows black. But only if there will be a little shattering involved. Even if it's not the CGs we shatter. glows white. Oh, don't mind what I just said. I'll join no matter what!

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    • Orange Diamond: Good, we just need to wait for the rest.

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      • Aquamarine lies down in her small pool of water, not hearing said notifications from the Diamonds. She hears a faint noise, assuming it is just her thinking.
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    • Morganite: *Grabs a box and starts walking to where Orange Diamond is*

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    • (Done,I changed It )
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    • im asleep in my cave, waiting for the night to come so i can fish for something big

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    • Adventurine is walking around in her fortress of green clouds when her friend/messanger, Rubellite comes and delvivers her the message she waves bye and opens the orange enevlope.

      Aventurine: A Peace Mission? I Hate Peace! But I do love missions... I guess ill go... right after this nap.

      A bed of green clouds apper and she takes a nap for 10 minutes, then goes to the place.

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    • Orange Diamond: The only person missing is now Aquamarine.

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    • Aventurine: Ok... Im bored. Im going to  do something with clouds.

      She stands up, and waves both hands to the side. Her gem glows, and she moves her hands in elegant forms. A picture of her friend, Rubellite begins to form

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      • Aquamarine's notifications start to blare.

      Aquamarine: Ughhhh, it' probably just White Sapphire asking for a cuddle or something.

      • She checks her messages, and her eyes widens as she notices that the message is from the Diamonds.

      Aquamarine: Oh sh-- The Diamonds?! I need to get going!!

      • She doesn't bother to read the caption as she sticks water in her ears to block out the pressure from popping her ears, and just in case she needs water to wake her up if she nods off. She then speeds toward the direction of the Headquarters, worrying that she may get punished for her tardiness.
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    • Orange Diamond: Well you late, you have an explanation, Aquamarine.

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    • Aquamarine: Well-- Erm.. Uhm, I was--

      • Aquamarine sighs.

      Aquamarine: M-My transmitter had been turned off.

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    • Aventurines picture gets messed up because she was destracted, and a monster appers


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    • Orange Diamond: Your lying, you were underwater when you got the tranmition so it didn't make a sound loud enough to here. Mind reading, remember. Also you were stuttering.

      Orange Diamond has a clever smirk on his face when he was done explaining

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      She realises no one is listening to her. She slowly turns the monster into glass

      Aventurine: Everyone stay away from ituntil a minute passes

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    • Orange Diamond smashes Aquamarine into a wall with telekinesis

      Orange Diamond: That was for lying.

      Orange Diamond smashes Aventurine into the ground.

      Orange Diamond: That was for creating a monster in my throne room.

      Then he smashes them both together

      Orange Diamond: and that was for being late and putting a chunk of glass in my throne room

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    • Aventurine: I can remove it. She blinks and it dissapears, with no mark of it being there. Not even the gem

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    • Orang Diamond: Thank you, now you all know why your here.

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      • nods*
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    • Orange Diamond: Good, know we must waist time I've got the ship prepared and everything.

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    • Ok but are we going to the KIndergarten? * thinks I hope not*

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      • Aqamarine glares as she dusts off her shirt. She wasn't even remembering the fact she was in her pool. How would he know? Ugh, nevermind, She thought.

      Aquamarine: Yeah, where are we even going?​​

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    • TQ: I will return in one second with something that may help us in our mission. Jumps through a portal to her home. She returns with a Her Warp Gun

      Object: Twilight Quartz's Warp Gun

      Type: Transportation

      Use: Shoots out a Twilight Quartz that travels until it hits a solid or liquid. Once it hits it, it will create a warp pad. Twilight Quartz can then summon a warp pad with her gem, that can only warp to the one the gun created.

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    • Um... Like Aqua said, when are we going?

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    • TQ: Whenever we are, I'm not waiting! Shoots her warp gun down at earth. After a while her gem glows. She creates a twilight warp pad and steps on it. Her gem glows white. Sorry! Then she warps

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    • Name: Opal Doublet

      Gem Placement: ????

      Weapon: Hidden Knives

      Personality: Suave and charismatic "spy" gem who's target to lots of favoritism (He hogs the spotlight. A lot. It gets obnoxious.)

      Abilities: Cloning, Cloaking, Superspeed, Insane Strength, Tactical Prodigy

      Position: Spy (making sure the Gems don't do anything sneaky)

      Theme: In Your Arms

      Appearance: He wears an azure blue fedora with cyan stripes and a tuxedo with the same pattern and color(s). He has pale-light blue skin, blue eyes, and he's about 7 feet tall with a thin body build.

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    • Um.... hi weve been waiting here a while. When can we.....

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    • "I have no redeeming qualities."

      -Blue lace Agate

      Name: Blue lace Agate

      Gem Placement: middle of stomach

      Weapon: Axe, Marionette strings (non summonable)

      Blue lace Sketch


      Personality: Wont hesitate to kill. She will accept any deal as long as you pay her. She is mostly stoic

      Abilities:  Light manipulation,Voodoo magic, Axe proficiency, Levitation

      Position: Voodoo Magician

      Theme: Lavender town

      Appearance: (Pictured)

      Height: 5"11

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    • (TQ's Theme btw is Far Horizons)

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    • Doublet pops outta nowhere as usual, having his "just got praised by the authority's most trusted" face. Which generally was just a smirk-grin and his fedora was tipped up instead of shadowing out his eyes.

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    • ( I am waiting for Everybody to arrive in Earth)

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    • (This is Xavier Watsons Theme( )

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    • Aventurine: Sorry, just asking again! You know...

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    • (Sry for the absence)

      Orange Diamond: So, let's go already, And Doublet, What do you need.

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    • Blue lace bursts in with blood on her hands and a duffel bag on her shoulder

      Lace: Sorry I was late, I was taking care of buisness...

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    • Orange Diamond: More than expected, and Is that blood on your hands.

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    • Blue Lace has an evil like grin on her stiched up face

      Lace: Definitely...

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    • Orange Diamond gives lace a grin exactly like hers

      Orange Diamond: Get on the ship...

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    • She rolls her eye

      Lace: Alright...

      The duffel bag falls, showing a needle and dolls of all the gems

      (If you coudn't already tell she's a cyclops :P)

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    • Orange Diamond: Voodoo, I pressume

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    • Lace picks up her things

      Lace: Of course!

      In case you get out of hand...

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    • Aventurine: Wahoo! 

      • cluods form thing under her and floats on to ship
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    • Orange Diamond: Doublet, you wanna come don't you, uh, Doublet just get on the ship.

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    • Morganite: *Was reading a book* Wait, what? Are we departing?

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      • Aventurine forms chair with clouds and leans back

      A: This is the life... I could get used to this!

      • snapps twice and rubillite appers

      A: Rubilly! Get me some green tea!

      R: But I dont-

      A: DO IT!

      R- Fine...

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    • Everyone is on the ship, but something closes the door behind them, than a dark figure appears

      Dark Figure: Ahhahahahahha, good luck on earth!

      Dark smoke surrounds the ship and next thing they know is that their in earth atmosphere, falling, and all the ships power is gone.

      Orange Diamond: Everyone get on the escape pod!!!!

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    • Blue lace summons a doll of the person and levitates into her escape pod

      Lace: Is the power out too......?

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    • OD: Yes, but not on the escape pod, LETS GO!!!! 

      Something comes through the door of the escape pod and grabs the doll and then disappears

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    • Lace's eye turns cat like 

      Lace: Why you little....!!!

      She summons an axe and throws it out the door before he leaves

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    • Aventurine: Ahhhh.... * creates escape pod of clouds and follows other escape pod*

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    • (Its a he)

      The axe go's through the figure, and makes the escape pod launch full speed on to earth

      Orange Diamond: Everybody hold on!!!

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    • (Sorry about that XP)

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    • Aventurine: * speaks bumpily* You know My clouds are just hanging on righ-

      • They coulds de-attach from the other escape pod and land somewhere completly different that averyone else, but still on Earth

      ( Rubillite is in escape pod with all others)

      Rubillite: AH!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM HOLDING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Gem:Sardonyx

      Placement:Right Palm

      Appearance:Same color pallete as the Sardonyx canon to the show. Looks like a physically defective Pearl so she shapeshifts to have a build suitable for the situation/events she's in.

      Weapon:Morphable Gauntlets(She doesn't know it yet.)

      Weapon Summoning strategy:Can have any feeling while doing this, claps and she summons a gauntlet for both hands.

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    • Aventurine: HELP HELP! OH PLEAE PLEASE! IM NOT GOING OUT THIS WAY NO!!!!!!!!!! Tries to fall on back and falls on a tree and poofs. Then cracks minor.________________________________________________________________________

      Rubillite: WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Meanwhile in The Military Command Center

      Soldier : Sir...We've detected gem warship signatures just entered the atmosphere...This Gem warships signature is...Not like The warship which arrived months ago...This have an Intense Energy Emitted from that ship

      Commander Rogers : Where is it Going...

      Soldier : I did not tracked just lost its signature...but it's Trajectory is near Beach City

      Commander Rogers : Send in Chronus Wing to Intercept it...

      Soldier : Commander...We cannot intervene in this...This is a Activity that we should leave to the SECO Foundation and the Crystal Gems...

      Commander Rogers : This is the Reinforcements that are supposed to arrive here...Call the SECO Foundation...

      Soldier : Affirmative...Commander...

      The Soldier Calls the SECO site commander...

      Site Commander Cleff : This is the SECO administration...

      Soldier : Commander...We have detected a Gem Warship in our Atmosphere...It lost it's signal ...we could not track it...But it's trajectory is near Beach City...

      Site Commander Cleff : Thank you for the Information...Our Agents should deal with should deal with this...

      Ends the Call

      Site Commander Cleff : Do we have an Agent stationed there? Captain

      Captain williams : Yes sir...A Ghost operative is Stationed there and Currently Hepling the Crystal Gems...

      Site Commander Cleff :  Alert him about The Warship...The Crystal Gems will need all the Help they can Get...

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    • The Escape pod Crashes into the Crystal temple

      Orange Diamond: where the Heck are we.

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    • Lace is levitating

      Lace: In  hell...

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    • Meanwhile in the Big Donut

      Xaviers phone rings 

      Site Commander Cleff : Xavier a Gem warship has Been Detected near the Beach City you should Equip the Suit and Check it out...

      Xavier sees the Escape Pod Crashes into the Temple...

      Xavier : It's Here...

      Xavier Equips his Rifle and suit...then He runs back to the Crystal Temple and Sees Escape pod...

      Xavier : I need Back up now!

      Site Commander Cleff : All MTF units have been deployed to a Major Containment Breach At Site 16....Sorry but...You should do it alone...

      Xavier : Seriously?!

      Xavier points his Rifle and Initiates Combat mode

      Xavier : Garnet..Amethyst...Pearl...We have a Visitor!

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    • Lace summons a doll of the person

      Lace: Why, hello..

      She hears him calling the CGs

      Lace: Don't be stingy now...

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    • Xavier Hears a Voice...

      Xavier Calls The Foundation 

      Xavier : Sir...We've got Hostiles

      Site Commander Cleff : You are authorized to Take any Action...

      Xavier Sees a Gem

      Xavier : Don't Move!!! Take a Step and I will blow your Head off...

      Xavier Activates his Telekill Plating...

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    • She summons an axe and puts it above the dolls head 

      Lace:And I'll cut your head off...

      (For full effect play This)

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    • Orange Diamond chokes Xiaveir with his telekinesis


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    • Xavier's Telekill plating Jammed

      Xavier : O..Kay ...Sir He is not H...ostile..

      Site Commander Cleff : This is kind of Tricky...But I do not like to lose any Ghost Operatives...Xavier Put down your Weapon....I will not Dispatch MTF Team Omega in your Location...Turn your phone into Loudspeaker

      Xaviers Phone turns To loudspeaker...

      Site Commander Cleff : Release my Agent...I will not Point Tactical Nukes or Dispatch any Teams on your Location...Just Let my Agent Go...

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    • Site Commander Cleff : What do you want...

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    • Lace takes the tension in the neck area away from the human

      Lace: Hmmmm.....

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      • Aquamarine's eyes open, and she notices she was on Earth, she looks around, noticing that she couldn't fine anyone else.

      Aquamarine: Earth.. Is much morwe different than I thought. I was expecting it to just be, the Kindergarden. 

      • Her eyes dart over to the ocean. She runs over, and dives in. She lets herself sink down, and notices fishes and other animals.

      Aquamarine: Are those... Corrupted gems? They aren't attacking..

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    • Xavier breathes

      Xavier : oh...why...This Telekill Plating is busted

      Xavier Uses his Suits Hologram and sets it Speaker to High...

      Site Commander Cleff : What is Your Intentions Here on This Planet?

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    • TQ: Sees the escape pod go to the shore, and shoots her warp gun to Beach City. Ah! Why can't they just follow me? She warps with the others.

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    • As she is warping, TQ sees a shadowy figure in one of the warps. 

      TQ: WHAT? How is MY warp open?

      She walks over to Orange Diamond after warping and tells him what she saw.

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    • Rubillite: * cough cough* Help! Im fine, just a little body damage- but Aventurine! Her escape pod burst and she could be poofed or worse! Cracked. We need to find her!__________________________________________________________________

      Aventurine regenarates, with new form( completely different form) 

      Gemsona emerald by boywithmeese-d8n8k3e

      Just pretend without axe

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    • Blue lace can hear Aventurines doll rumbling in her bag


      She takes the doll out and presses a button on the doll saying "Warp to your location"

      Lace: Hmmmm.....

      She presses the button

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    • TQ: I'm going to explore my warps, and see what was warping. Summons her warp pad and warps. 

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    • Doublet pops out of nowhere behind the Pizza's shop.

      He hops onto the roof, looking around. He peeks at the sun, using his hand as a visor. He hunkered down.

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    • Xavier lowers his gun and jumped out of the Crystal Temple...

      Xavier : I need Backup...There is alot of Gems here....

      Site Commander Cleff : Task Force Unit ALPHA are Dispatched in your Position...And Why would they gave you a chance to live...We want to find out what is their Intentions here...I do not want to have a War with this beings Since we have a bigger problem than them...

      Xavier : Initiates his Telekill plating to be Resistant to phsychic abilities...This Orange Gem...Maybe is their Leader...

      Site Commander Cleff : Try to Negotiate with them...I really have a Problem about Creature-921 Being Immune to our Energy Based Weaponry...I have lost a lot of Teams because of that...and so I ain't Gonna Start a War...

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    • i sense the presence on the unknown. i creep behind doublet, trying to see who he is

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    • Lace is just listening to the conversation

      Lace: Legit, you should go in another room...

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    • Site Commander Cleff : Go back in there and Try to Ask what are they doing Here...Do not worry Back up is on the Way...

      Xavier : Affirmative...I thought You don't want to negotiate with aliens?

      Site Commander Cleff : We have a Bigger problem to Deal with since 921 and 001 became active and Tearing through our Defenses...I do not want to start a War with this Gems besides all of the Universe will be Destroyed if 001 is active and Starts opening a Portal to the Rift...

      Xavier : Okay....I am on it...

      Xavier Climbs up to the Crystal Temple and Points his Rifle

      Xavier : I do not want to Fight...I am just asking what are your Intentions here...

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    • Lace rolls her eye and her stiched face smiles

      Blue lace: Ask this dude..

      She points to OD

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    • Xavier is Creeped out 

      Xavier : Seriously...I am asking what are your Intentions Here...

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    • Lace sighs 

      Lace: Stalling...

      She laughs 

      Lace: But seriously, I don't know...

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    • Xavier : Who is your Leader...I want to Talk to Him...

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    • Lace:Oh him? He's Orange Diamond... 

      She sighs 

      Lace: Can I go now?

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    • Xavier : As long you do not do Damage in this town,Kill any living Beings and Try to Reactivate the Kindergarten...You are Good to go...

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    • Doublet zooms, running through the town stealthily to to temple entrance. He hid somewhere.

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    • Lace laughs

      Lace: Haha, alright..

      She goes in the beach house and cracks her knuckles

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    • 2 APCs arrives near Big Donut with 8 soldiers armed with Assault rifle and 2 with Power Armor meanwhile near Fish stew pizza 1 Humvee arrives with The Captain

      Picks up His radio

      Xavier : This is Xavier...Alpha Team Do not Engage in Combat with These Gems...This Situation has been Contained...Send half of your Team in Kindergarten to see if Something is activated...You should stay on Stanby if Something goes Wrong...

      Alpha Team Captain : Affirmative...

      1 APC left with 8 soldiers to Check on the Kindergarten ...

      Xavier : Nicely Done...

      Xavier Walks forward to Orange Diamond...

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    • In the warp, TQ sees a shadow travel through a warp. She takes out her staff and jumps from her warp to its warp, but when she gets there, nothing is there. 

      TQ: Ok... This is weird. Waits until the warp reaches its destianation, and she finds that it is back where the gems are. Um, guys? There is... something, lurking among us.

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    • Rubillite: Hey guys, what about Aventurine? Shes important too!__________________________________________________

      • Aventurine looks down at gem, which is slighlt cracked

      A: Oh no. Oh no no no NO! I cant live out here with nothing! MY GEM IS CRACKED TOO! Rubillite or servant 1  is not here, so I can summon servant two! But if he gows, im alone.

      • Draws clouds to form...
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    • Name: Flourite

      Gem Placement: Heart

      Weapon: Lazer gun/ sword

      Personality: Amethyst personality, pearl while fighting

      Abilities:Can shoot lazers though hands and can project a screen though glasses

      Position: Warrior


      Other: Is servant of Aventurine, HATES when people call her toothpaste


      Gemsona thulite by rosemcclain-d8nemwj

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    • F: yes mrs Aventurine

      A: Help me. get me to the others

      • Flourite puts screen

      F: They are in location: crystal temple owned by crytal gems


      F:Ok.. I cannot. I cannot control warps. Here is the location again: crytaltemple.crytalgems/temple/https/www

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      F: I cannot. I do not. I can only make myself go there. I am sorry but if you want to get there i must do this

      • Flourite pulls down both arms sepertly, then cosses them, brings them upward an tilts them and they do not touch anyomore, and sword model forms

      A: what are you...-

      • flourite slices aventurine: poofing her, and then using lazers to travel to the crystal temple
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    • Xavier : Is the Situation under control

      Alpha Team Captain : This is kind of wierd...Base is Detecting Gem Signatures in Diffrent Locations...

      Xavier : Do not Engage... I will talk to their Leader about this...Is the Kindergarten Activated?

      Alpha Team Captain : Alpha Team B is in the Kindergarten...nothing there seems activated...

      Xavier : Is there any Civilians witnessing these Events...

      Alpha Team Captain : Yes...A lot of them...We will administer Memory whipes to the Citizens to Cover up the Foundations Intervention in this Activity...

      Xavier : Good Job...Continue to Monitor this Sector if anything Fishy will happen...

      Alpha Team Captain : All my troops are in Position Ready to Engage if we get a Hostile response from these Gems...

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      • lazer creates hole though ceilnig.

      F; HELP! Aventurine has-

      R: My Aventurine, WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!!?!?!?!?!?!

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    • F_ i promise it wasnt-

      R: WHAT DID YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Rubillite summons bat and whacks Flourite

      F: Oh- Hey- I dont want to- STOP- Ow!

      R- FOR AVENY!!!!

      F: im warn-ing you-!


      F: It was like that!

      • Rubillites bat becomes spiky


      F becomes super mad: THATS IT LITTLE MAN! YOU CROSSED THE LINE!

      • Flourite summons lazer gun and aims at Rubillites gem, but he deflects it and they continue this
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    • Orange Diamond: Human, this planet is in grave danger, their is a force here that can turn everyone on this planet in to a gem.

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    • Orange Diamond wrote:
      Orange Diamond: Human, this planet is in grave danger, their is a force here that can turn everyone on this planet in to a gem.

      Xavier : Wait what...We Humans already have Two Doomsday events upcoming that the Organization have to take care off...Now there is three...Tell me more about this Event...I hate to have a collaborative mission with Gems but this is a big problem...

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    • Orange Diamond: If you see a dark figure, do not touch him, or else you'll become a gem.

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    • Xavier : Wait what...Is that Even Possible...And what are your Intentions here?

      Xaviers Radio Recieves a Transmission

      Alpha Team Captain : Are you okay there?...We have Detected high gem activity in your Area...Base reinforced us some Spectres...I think this situation is Heating up...

      Xavier : This situation is under control...Tell those Spectres...Do not Engage...

      Alpha Team Captain : They are Cloaked and Ready near the Crystal Temple...Is the Crystal Gems here?...They are not Present in this Event...

      Xavier : I do not know where they are...I have not seen them since yesterday...Just Tell your Team and the Spectres not to Engage...This is getting annoying...I am Speaking to the Leader of these Gems...They do not seem Hostile...

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    • Orange Diamond: We were sent here to make a compromise, Yellow Diamond doesn't want another war.

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    • (Not to be too judgy, but given the level opness these diplomat gems are, couldn't they instantly win the war before it starts?)

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    • Orange Diamond wrote:
      Orange Diamond: We were sent here to make a compromise, Yellow Diamond doesn't want another war.

      Xavier : Yellow Diamond you say...Peridot told me about her...To be honest...Earth is a Magnet of Disasters and Supernatural Entities...From Dimensional Warping Entities to Angels and Demonic beings that can Destroy Everything in Existence...You Gems are just adding our Problems...Well this was suppose to Happen anyway...Tell me more about this Event so We can help to take care of this...

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    • R: Yea, sure. I just want my Aventurine back.


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      • just then, Aventurine regenarates, again, alone, still cracked with light green dress and Peridot colred hair.

      A: Oh hey guys. WHY ARE YOU FIGHTING!

      Rubillite goes over and hugs Aventurine



      A: Stop!  I heard the news from my gem about the dark force. Ill go inform some humans

      R: You be careful!

      A: I wlil. Ugh, my gem still feels a cittle lacked. * leaves*

      Rubillite: Got it! * poofs Flourite*

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    • (Anybody here)

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    • Sour cream ( yes him..) is walking down the walk when he has a pain in his side.

      Sour cream: ow, hmm, ARGH!!!

      A gray flash appears...

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    • Meanwhile in Beach City...The Alpha team captain is standing near his Humvee and Picks up the Radio...

      Alpha Team Captain : Oh...Is the City cleared of all the Civilians...I do not want any Civilians dead...

      Soldier : We have a Person walking near the Sidewalk...

      Alpha Team Captain :Try to get him out of Here!

      The Soldier approaches Sour Cream...

      Soldier : You have to get out of here...This is a Restiricted Area...*Sees the Gray Flash and points his Rifle*...We have a Anomaly here...

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    • Orange Diamond: Nobody touch him!!! He's infected!!!

      He uses his sword to turn over the body and sees the gem on his gem.

      Orange Diamond: Its started, put your agency on high alert, code red. He's here, he'll turn millions in days.

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    • Xavier Calls the Captain...

      Xavier : Call your Team to Evacuate the City...This is a Epidemic and Dominant Shift Class End of the world Scenario...Get your Team out of there and Tell the Spectres to Terminate the Infected...

      The soldier Opened Fire at Sourcream...Meanwhile the Captain Ordered his Team to Evacuate and Ordered the Spectres to Terminate The Infected...

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    • A: Oh my gosh! A iuman? hnfected! My iem gs still a little crakced. Im gonna heed nelp soon...

      R: A HUMAN! IS THE THING!!  WHAT DO WE DO!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Xavier looks at Orange Diamond...

      Xavier : We have to get out of here...Quickly...

      Meanwhile outside the Temple...The Spectres Scatters and Climbs up in the Building and tries to kill the Infected...

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    • Name: Heliotrope

      Gem Placement: Toung

      Weapon: Fangs that suck blood, trident (non summoned)

      Personality: Easily angered, will suck your blood, very calming, deceiving. Basically a vampire.

      Abilities: Blood sucking, super senses (Enhanced hearing, seeing, ect).

      Appearance: (pictured) (Haha yeah i'm going to redraw her in a bit...)


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    • Rbuillite: Do we kill it?

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    • Helio walks out of the beach house with a creepy grin and blood dropping from her mouth 

      Lace: Aaaaah...! I'm so glad I found your gem!

      HT: Same....

      Helio sniffs something

      HT: Do I smell blood?

      Lace: I kinda hope not...

      Heliotrope laughs

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    • Sorry lace and Helio, but we have a SEROUIS EMERGENCY OUTSIDE!!!

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    • Xavier : We have to out of here now...

      A spectre uncloaks in the Back of Xavier...

      Spectre : We have to get out of here now...There is a lot of Infected here...My Team is trying hard to take this Things out...

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    • Orange Diamond: we can't kill him, the infection is complete, you'll just poof him *poor*

      Orange Diamond bubble the gem

      Orange Diamond: This man was infected by touch, it could get airborne soon.

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    • Rubillite: uh-oh

      • he jumps and jumps and sees man/gem

      ( im going to sleep now)

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    • Helio starts freaking out

      HT: hUMAN BLOOD?!

      She summons her fangs and runs off

      Lace: Welp there goes my help...

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    • Orange Diamond wrote:
      Orange Diamond: we can't kill him, the infection is complete, you'll just poof him *poor*

      Orange Diamond bubble the gem

      Orange Diamond: This man was infected by touch, it could get airborne soon.

      Xavier : Wait...What airborne!?!...Where did this Infection started...

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    • Orange Diamond: it starts by touch, then by water, then airborne...

        Loading editor
    • Xavier : Is there anything that can reverse it's effects?

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    • Orange Diamond: No.. I-Its... permanent...

      Orange looks at his gem.

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    • Xavier : We must find a way to contain it...As soon as possible...

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    • A blue flash blinds OD for a second

      Orange Diamond: Oh no...

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    • Xavier Draws his rifle and Points at the Blue Flash...

      Xavier : Not this...

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    • R: Tell me! Do we kill him r crack the gem!

      A: I dont-dont-dont-dont

      • she glitches and talks backwards


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    • A FANDOM user
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