• It Isn't news to many people here that the season 3 has been confirmed by the producers of SU,but It cames to my head, how it will be? Second season,in one of his last episodes, will have Beta part 1, Earthlings part 2 and Back 2 The Moon part 3, which may possibly involve Homeworld, the Crystal Gems and a third possible Gem War.After these events ,what can happen next?Another war? Other different aliens from space? I do not know anything! I have no more ideas! It would be Season 3 the last season of the series? What could happen in this season? (I don't know if will have because if the season 2 will happen the BIGGEST THINGS?).

    Please help me and comment here your opinion.

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    • Season 2 is going to be focused on the Cluster and it being the big big bad.

      Season 3 will probably be about Homeworld and possible a second war.

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    • Here's how I see it, 

      Season 2a-fusion, the Cluster is the big bad the group has to beat.

      Season 2b-basically this will give a little more development plus it will tie up a few lose ends, after this we're introduced to the true big bad.

      Season 3a-The history of the gem war, a little more on the background of everything, it'll also tie up a few more lose ends.

      Season 3b-A second gem war, unless we get further confirmation season three may be the last one.

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    • Season 2b- The Gems doing absolutely nothing about the Cluster

      Season 3- Pingas

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    • Season 3b - Stevens sacrifice

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    • I made a 3 season opening! but i can't show you (i don't have a phone)

      it begin like this:

      eveyone is black

      so the light opens and they summons their weapons saying we are the crystal...

      so steven and connie appears and says gems

      everyone in the portal like a circle

      then appears Jasper and Garnet summoning their weapons, then Pearl and Peridot, then Lapis and Pearl and finally Steven and Connie

      they run to defeat a gem monster

      and when they attack the monster they say their names

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    • We are the Crystal Gems! Jasper, Garnet, Amethyst, Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, and Pearl! And Steven and Connie!

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    • Sounds awesome

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    • We.. Are the Crystal Gems! Created from Homeworld or not, we always save the day, and don't doubt that because we'll always find a way! And that's why the people of our world believe in: Garnet, Jasper, Amethyst, Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, and Pearl! And Steven and Connie!

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