• Wander Over Yonder might be canceled right now, but other shows have come back from cancelation even on Disney networks. So,

    Please sign this petition for WOY, it might help. It never hurts try. 

    WOY fans are ask recommending sending letters directly to these Disney employees,

    Anyway, just thought I'd let ya know and if ya can? Please spread the word to ohers who enjoy this silly cartoon. 

    Thank you! :)

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    • I signed the petition this morning. Don't think I'll send a letter because I hate writing them.

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    • Nice! Thank you Vogel! ^_^

      Yeah, I'm not that big on letter writing either, but I'm considering it. 

      I'm focused more on getting the word out there and hopefully it'll all work out well for WOY in the end. 

      Honestly, I don't want WOY to become another show that just keep annoyingly going on and on Ala the Simpsons. However, the premise is definitely well suited for a decent run of 3-6 seasons give or take. 

      Heck, given how Corporations are? This cancelation could potentially be a test to see just how popular a cartoon WOY is like what happened with Kim Possible. 

      Whatever the outcome of all this, at the very least we get to say we tried sir. ^_^

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