• (People have probably theoried this before) I know this is a crazy conspiracy theory and it has no support based relationships shown in the show, and is kinda 2 potential theories in one but...

    Back in Lion 2: The Movie we see Rose Quartz's Secret Armoury and potential training ground, a place only Rose and Pearl visited prior to the episode. In there we see a Robot Training Dummy which has the ability to produce Fire, Ice and Electric based attacks and here's the crazy conspiracy part, many people think this is linked to the Diamonds respectively, but it makes much more direct sense if we apply it to another set of Gems or rather Gem that being Garnet, and by extension Ruby and Sapphire... All of the 3 elements utilise by the Robot directly correspond the elements Garnet and her components can wield, Ruby being Fire, Sapphire Ice and Garnet of course being Electricity... And this got me thinking that perhaps Rose began to train to defeat Garnet around the same time Garnet became a Crystal Gem, or even later in fear of a mutiny. And this then got me thinking did Rose begin train to battle all of her high ranking and strong comrades?

    The second part of this theory is somewhat linked and is that Rose knew that there would be a large amount of casualties, and so trained to fight her own soldiers in case they ever corrupted and came after her, which then uses the same evidence as above and the Robot... I mean imagine single corrupted gems are dangerous, imagine a corrupted fusion gem such as Garnet being loose with all the powers of fire, ice and electricity running wild...

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    • Rose may have been completely and wholeheartedly honest to Pearl and maybe a select few other Gems, but she still might have not supplied them with enough information about her [Rose's] plans. Of course, this was probably during the time when there was danger of a mole within the Rebels, so Rose would have had to prepare should her entire army turn on her. Thankfully, we've never had evidence of that from the show, so Rose probably didn't have to do this.

      To be honest, Rose kind of reminds me of Batman and his knowledge on the Justice League's weaknesses (huhu srry im a big nerd). She probably knew how to take down every single member of the Rebellion, and may have even trusted Pearl to kill her if Rose was swayed by Homeworld or corrupted. Overall, she would have had considerable information on everyone participating in the Rebellion, and we're pretty lucky that she wasn't captured by Homeworld during the Rebellion.

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