• Little Timmy was a small child.

    Little Timmy played with his toys.

    One night, Little Timmy didn't go to bed, he did drugs.

    Little Timmy learned how to grow Marijuana and make Meth.

    Little Timmy became one of the biggest drug suppliers in the world.

    Little Timmy got enough money to buy better toys.

    Little Timmy's parents helped Little Timmy in his drug games.

    Little Timmy was discovered by the police.

    Little Timmy's door was kicked down, it was the police.

    It soon became a shootout between Little Timmy, his parents, and his other employees and the cops.

    Little Timmy won.

    Little Timmy soon took over the local government.

    Little Timmy founded his own nation and became the king.

    Little Timmy passed a law that made all drugs ok.

    Little Timmy's nation became the number one supplier of drugs in the world.

    Little Timmy's nation had a tax on drugs making it one of the most wealthy nations in the world along with profit's made from the nations oil.

    Little Timmy soon had a great military power due to the people's loyalty to the king, Little Timmy.

    Little Timmy took over Texas.

    Little Timmy's nation was attacked by the U.S.

    Like the shoot out with the police years ago, Little Timmy won.

    Little Timmy became the world's most powerful man at age 7.

    Little Timmy was voted time's most influential person.

    Little Timmy was happy, his family happy, his drug organization was happy, his people were happy, it was the perfect end.

    The end.

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