• Alright we find out about upcoming episodes for Steven's Summer Adventure. I don't have summaries of Drop Beat Dad and Alone At Sea.

    Let get to it

    Mr. Greg- Steven visits Empire City with Greg and Pearl.

    Too Short to Ride- Steven visits Funland with Amethyst but runs into trouble when their friend is too short to ride the rollercoasters.

    The New Lars- Steven analyzes Lars’ life.

    Beach City Drift- Steven and Connie battle their biggest foe in a car race.

    Restaurant Wars- Steven settles a rivalry between owners.

    Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service- Kiki has nightmares and Steven intervenes.

    Monster Reunion- An old friend returns.

    So the one where Steven and Connie fused into Stevonnie again might be Beach City Drift because they're too young to drive! In order to drive! They have to fused into Stevonnie! I wonder who will be their BIGGEST foe!

    I thought Steven was BANNED from riding any Funland Rides! I hope they don't forget this because when CGs grounded Steven from Television, they always keep reference that event for future episodes!

    Monster Reunion is NOT Bismuth Episode! NO! Never!

    So I guess Last One Out of Beach City will NOT be a racing episode after all, Maybe it might be a final episode of Season 3?

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    • Can you show us the source please?

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    • Ok thanks, hmm still a little skeptical but I'm definetly excited about Monster Reunion

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    • While the source is not 100% reliable, it does make sense. On the last promo art the crew posted, Steven was with rocket feet and a pizza slicer, it would make sense for him to enter in Kiki's nightmare and fly

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    • I personally think "Monster Reunion" is going to be about the Centipeedle Steven tamed previously.

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    • AquaticPanic wrote:
      While the source is not 100% reliable, it does make sense. On the last promo art the crew posted, Steven was with rocket feet and a pizza slicer, it would make sense for him to enter in Kiki's nightmare and fly

      That does make sense, this might show him entering Kiki's mind, why I'm not sure but it's pretty clear that he will have a dream sequence at some point because in one promo he's flying around with rocket shoes

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    • Finally, they have summeries for the episodes!

      The Steven Floats summery is accurate, I know that it aired in France but, I haven't seen anything past Hit the Diamond but, it's hard to avoid spoilers so I basically get what the episode is about, it's about Steven gaining a new power.

      The Mr. Greg is also accurate, I haven't seen the sneak peek but, I have seen screenshots and a few posts on it, so, I get what's going on in it and what the episode is gonna be about, it's gonna be about Greg, Pearl, and Steven going to Empire City, I also heard that it will be the musical episode.

      Too Short to Ride sounds likely because I've been speculating that this episode will be about Funland for a long time. Also, we've seen a few clips with Peridot, so, it's pretty obvious who the friend is gonna be, Peridot, also, there's a clip of her hugging an Alien plushie and you normally win stuff like that at theme parks and amusement parks like Funland. But, isn't Steven banned from all the rides at Funland forever? He is. That is gonna be a problem, I guess Steven will have to watch Amethyst and Peridot or their fusion ride the roller coaster.

      Hmm... the synopsis for The New Lars is interesting, I knew that it will be like the Lars version of Sadie's Song, where we see what Lars' home life and family life and family relationships. I hope that the new baby sibling theory comes true for this episode because it will make it more interesting, seeing how Lars will react to his new baby brother/sister, how he'll feel about the baby and about being a big brother, having someone else other than his parents living with him, and no longer being the only child. Maybe that's why it's called "The New Lars" it probably refers to Lars' possible new baby sibling, he might feel replaced, like the baby is replacing him and that his parents are starting over with another child, basically like a New Lars. Also, the synopsis sort of matches up with that because the synopsis is "Steven analyzes Lars' life" maybe part of it is helping Lars get along with his new baby sibling and helping Lars realize that being a big brother isn't so bad.

      I guess the Stevonnie scene in the promo is from Beach City Drift, and the synopsis has "biggest foe" in it and it's probably Kevin, no wonder Stevonnie's angry in the promo, I guess Kevin's back. Maybe Doug drives Steven and Connie to the place where the Beach City drift race is and Kevin's in the race and since Steven and Connie are too young to drive, they fuse into Stevonnie to beat Kevin in the race.

      As for Restaurant Wars, I wonder who will be rivals that Steven will try to settle, it's probably the Fry Shop and the restaurant where that guy got that burger in Onion Trade, both restauarants are similar, just one doesn't sell burgers, just fries.

      So, that's what Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service will be about, huh. The Steven with rockets sandals and a pizza cutter makes sense, I guess his powers aren't just limited to gems, I guess he can go into a human's mind and talk to a human through his dreams, too. I wonder what Kiki's nightmare would be about, it would be funny if she's having nightmares about Lapis but, that would make it sort of a rehash of Chille Tid, also, I doubt Kiki has seen Lapis at this point in time, if she did, it would just be seeing her flying up in the skies or sitting on top of a building like a bird, but, I doubt Lapis would want to go anywhere near the humans for while at least until sees them with Steven, and Lapis sort of interacted with humans before, she saw Lars and Sadie, the residents, and Mayor Dewey while trapped in the mirror, she made fart noises at his speech and she kind of interacted with man in Jersey in Same Old World but, she just made a fart noise at him with Steven, other than that she hasn't really had much an interaction with humans. So, yeah, Kiki having nightmares about Lapis would be unlikely because I think Lapis might start flying over Beach City and sitting on any of the buildings but not interacting with humans later on once she starts getting settled in, but, assuming that the clip with Lapis on a boat with Steven is from Alone at Sea, I guess Lapis will get settled in earlier than thought since she'll already be in vacation mode by then. She might start flying around the Beach City area by the time this episode roles around, so, maybe Kiki will see a "strange blue woman/lady" sitting on top of the roof of Fish Stew Pizza and starts having nightmares about Lapis and deliverying pizza and Steven helps her through his dreams and tells her that the "strange blue woman/lady" is just Lapis Lazuli and that she likes flying and high places and Kiki reveals that she's stressed out deliverying a big order of pizzas or it's just common work stress. I know the Lapis thing sounds unlikely but, it's fun to think about. She'll most likely have stress nightmares about work.

      The synopsis for Monster Reunion sounds likely, it screams Centipeetle. I hope it will be about Steven healing Centipeetle. I want to healed, uncorrupt Centipeetle!

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