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    So, if the Great Diamond Authority had finished the terraformation (or "geo-formation"?) of the Earth it would have looked similar to a Globus Cassus which is a theoretical concept of what a fully fleshed out type 1 civilization on the Kardashev scale would have done to be able to use all of Earth's resources and energy efficiently, it would be one of the most amazing things our species could eventually do. However, Gems were the ones terraforming our planet for their needs and I'm pretty sure that on that same scale Gem-kind would be at least a type 3 unless they are from another galaxy which would make them even higher. I would argue that the end result of Gem-kind's colonization could have eventually created a Dyson sphere around our star system's sun as I feel the Earth was just step one in a much larger colonization of the Solar System.

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      Well, I'm glad someone else does! I wasn't too sure if anyone else would as is a pretty high sci-fi hypothetical of mine and the show in general isn't as so heavy sci-fi.

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