• I will ranked this week Summer of Steven Episodes!

    1. Mr. Greg

    This is my favorite episode of this week because it focus on the relationship between Pearl and Greg. Okay Pearl is my favorite gem! But this episode was a musical episode! Steven sang very well and he was mature unlike Steven Floats! We will get to that!

    I wonder if Pearl and Greg will end up together? Maybe.....

    2. Too Short to Ride

    A Peridot-Focus episode where she lacked any Gem Power that prevented her from riding the rollercoaster! This episode reveals about Homeworld being a dying planet like Interstellar! And Most of Peridots who happens to be Era 2 lacked any gem power however Peridot somehow gained a telekinesis power similar to Magneto! How did she got that power if Peridots lacked power?

    I want to know of how Steven managed to get his ban lifted?! Maybe he saved Mr. Smiley so many time that Mr. Smiley give him a second chance!

    3. Beach City Drift

    I would dub this one "The Fast and The Furious" Episode! Finally someone managed to get Steven to show his hatred because he is goody two shoes! Oh! Stevonnie back!

    The Racing sequence look like a mixed of flash animation and cgi animation on cars!

    4. The New Lars

    I liked this episode for a strange reason. Watching Lars acting like Steven! I laugh when Lars find out about this situation! Also a nice character development for everyone's least-favorite character!

    5. Drop Beat Dad

    It have Marty returns as he decides to use Sour Cream for money! I think! I'm surprised Greg didn't show his hatred toward Marty after he made a comment on Story for Steven that Marty is dead to him! Old Marty look like Mr. Burns!

    6. Steven Floats

    I know I watch this episode from French version but I considered this one to be my least-favorite episode because it have Steven being immature like in Season 1 after he spend lot of his character development and become mature! I just don't like it! I'm surprised they didn't drop the "Bomb" episode after last one was disappointed

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    • 1┬áMr. Greg Amazing songs, funny and emotional, realy good an all, a scpecially becouse i like musicals

      2 Too short to ride Two good gems in this episode, funny (onion still the best) and even some informations about homeworld was disclosed at the end

      3 Beach City Drift Ofcourse STEVONNIE even better than a last time, nice race, and good lesson for the end

      4 Steven Floats Steven was funny and gems were realy thoughtful and caring for Steven

      5 The New Lars Funny episode but I was expecting more from Lars and steven doesn't respected Sedie and Lars relationship

      6 Drop beat dad Marty is still evil, but all episode was a little boring

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    • 1. Mr Greg.

      2. Too Short to Ride.

      3. Beach City Drift.

      4. Steven Floats.

      5. Drop Beat Dad.

      6. The New Lars.

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    • 1. Too Short To Ride

      2. Mr. Greg

      3. Beach City Drift

      4. Steven Floats

      5. Drop Beat Dad

      6. The New Lars

      I still like all these episodes, even The New Lars

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    • 1. Mr. Greg

      2. Too Short to Ride

      3. Drop Beat Dad

      4. Beach City Drift

      5. Steven Floats

      6. The New Lars

      I go more into detail about my thoughts on the episodes here:

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    • I think its safe to say "The New Lars" is going to be at the bottom of a LOT of lists. Just...just so uncomfortable.

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    • Yoshimickster wrote: I think its safe to say "The New Lars" is going to be at the bottom of a LOT of lists. Just...just so uncomfortable.

      Not just that, but also very cringe-inducing and tedious. It's easily in my bottom 10 (maybe even bottom 5) of the whole series. Wasn't expecting much out of it to begin with since I don't really care for Lars episodes as they all tend to feel the same, but I was at least expecting it to be somewhat better than Steven Floats.

      What sucks more is that there's a good idea in this episode (Steven learning that he's still got some growing up to do despite how much he's matured as of late) that ultimately got put to waste.

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    • 1. Mr. Greg - - - There's nothing more to say.

      2. Beach City Drift - - - Big big big character development for Steven, Connie and Stevonnie. Also, the race was beautifully animated.

      3. The New Lars - - - Cringe humor at its finest. Nice to see Steven messing up.

      4. Steven Floats - - - A nice "homecoming" episode.

      5. Drop Beat Dad - - - A little too cliche for my taste, but it was okay.

      6. Too Short to Ride - - - Except the ending, I didn't really enjoy the episode. It felt childish.

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    • One question? How was Steven inmature in Steven Floats? Because he wanted a donut??


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    • 1. Mr. Greg

      2. Too Short To Ride

      3. Steven Floats

      4. Drop Beat Dad

      5. Beach City Drift

      6. The New Lars

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