• lazy.  This kind of shortcutting can be found all over anime and other animated TV shows, and it ruins the overall quality of what you are watching.  3D animation has no soul, no feeling or character.  An arrangement of polygons and mathematical equations cannot convey the human condition, and it never will.  Just look at the big-budget Hollywood fare playing in the multiplexes today.  Do these films have any of the charm or asthetic of the animated films of yesteryear?  No.  Disney in particular, has lost all magic (That's right, Disney.  I've had enough of Frozen merchandise everywhere I look, and don't even get me started on those stupid Minions).  These films are ephemeral.  Worthless.  Nothing replaces what human hands can do.

    You may think I'm being a bit nitpicky over some poorly animated cars.  You're right.  Steven Universe has consistently showcased the best animation of the 21st century.  It has, in almost every episode, held strong to the techniques of traditional hand-drawn animation despite the digital equipment used for production.  I wouldn't be surprised if those who work on this masterpiece of animation feel guilty for cutting corners on this episode.  Deadlines and budget are no excuse for a show of this caliber.

    The great animators of yesteryear knew the secret to good animation: having restraint, and not venturing beyond what their hands could do.  If you can't make it with your own talent, it isn't meant to be.  Everything else is cheating.

    I'd love to hear what you all think.  You've read my two cents.

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    • Are there bad 3D animations? Yes, but there are also good 3D animations and bad 2D animations too. Hours, days, weeks, months, and even years are put into both practices, so saying 3D animation has no soul, feeling, character, or effort put into it is quite disrespectful and frankly untrue.

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    • I disagree. Each style of animation has its own strengths and weaknesses and can be done good and bad.

      Also, no show or film that is 2d is drawn anymore to my knowledge. You have storyboards sure, but I don't believe any uses the classic technique of frame by frame drawing.

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    • I gotta agree with him. Think about it guys, 2D animation has given us Johnny Test, Teen Titans GO, Almost Naked Animals, and so much more. Meanwhile, what can 3D animation do? Monster's Inc? Zootopia? Toy Story? It's trash, let's be real. That's why I love Steven Universe.

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    • Who Framed Roger Rabbit was live action with literal hand-drawn elements and characters in there. So... what's the verdict? Oh wait it's just a poser by that logic whoops...

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    • You know what, just. Cinderella 2. There you go.

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    • I don't think you know how much work goes into creating/shaping/forming/etc 3D objects. And just how much coding and scripting goes into making objects move. People slave over a computer (just like Len said) for short to very long periods of time just to make quality content. There's also stop motion animation which you completely looked over and forgot, which takes hours for just a few seconds.

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    • Writer1701 wrote:
       Nothing replaces what human hands can do.

      It takes human hands to make 3D films.

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    • This is possibly the most ill-informed and frankly idiotic post I've ever seen.

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