• I will ranked this third week Summer of Steven Episodes

    1. Bismuth

    This is my favorite one of this third week because not only this is a legit 22 MINUTES LONG SPECIAL but got a ton of revelation about this one. I will not go into more detail about this one because it very spoiler so far.

    2. Gem Hunt

    Again, It got my favorite Crystal Gem, Pearl. It started out as a simple episode until WHAM! Jasper appears and take 2 Corrupt Gems as her own!

    3. Steven VS. Amethyst

    A Fun Episode where Steven and Amethyst are fighting over who is Worst Crystal Gem. It also deal with Steven still thinking he is Rose's Shadow and doesn't treat her as his mother at all. He treat Rose as a title! :( I laugh when Pearl got freaks out over Ruins being Ruined. Come on, Pearl! The Ruins are already ruined! 😂

    4. Crack the Whip


    Next week will be THE FINAL WEEK OF SUMMER OF STEVEN!!!!!!!! But will this week being PLOT-HEAVY than last week?!

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    • 1. Bismuth

      2. Steven VS. Amethyst

      3. Gem Hunt/Crack That Whip (both episodes kinda felt the same to me to the point where I can decide which one to rank higher or lower)

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