• In this episode, Steven says that the only thing he can do by himself is use his bubble, but in previous episodes like "Sworn to the Sword" and "Friend Ship" Steven is able to pull out his shield just fine, and in more recent episodes as of 8/9/2016 after the release of episodes like "Crack the Whip", "Steven Vs. Amethyst", "Beta", and "Earthlings", we see Steven not only pull out the shield multiple times with no effort at all, but we see that he is able to go toe-to-toe with Amethyst, so why is it in this episode he says that all he can do by himself is use the bubble? And dont say that he knew that the Gems would save him, he had no idea of where they were, or that they knew where he was, and on top of that, if he did know they were coming and pretended not to be able to summon the shield on his own to defeat the Gem mutants, instead letting Garnet Amethyst and Pearl take care of them as a chance for them to prove their worth to Peridot, that would mean that Steven intentionally lied to Peridot, which completely goes against Steven's character. I would love to hear what you think about this, because this error has been gnawing away at me ever since I saw "Steven Vs. Amethyst", because there has to be some kind of answer I must have missed, because otherwise this is a continuity error. Feel free to post your rationals, theorys, agreements and disagreements, because through discussion, maybe an answer can be found for this question.

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    • I'll fix it, thank you. :)

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