• I know what you're gonna ask; what does that title mean? Simple: I came to apologize for doubting your theory on Diamond Authorities being responisble. If the season finale was of any indication (i.e. implying that Yellow Diamond is some type of authority figure), then there may actually be a Great Diamond Authority (though I'm not sure if that's the actual title) that's responsible for the resource harvesting of God knows how many planets.

    I'd have talked sooner, but I wanted to wait until said season finale before I said anything. Make no mistake though; I still say it's a coincidence that Ronaldo got it right, and the show itself confirmed that Homeworld Gems are callous, insensitive beings. HOWEVER, I do want to give credit where credit is due. I hope that with this new season, we can get back on the right foot.

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    • Wow, that's really big of you to admit! :)

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    • Oh man its no big deal its just a theory I had. Thank you for the credit though I appreciate it. Im still your friend and where on the right foot in my opinion so dont worry but thank you :D

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