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    Did you know that BEESSMOTTUUUUU is so popular in Japan, she got her own Pinball Machine? Download it here!


    Visual Pinball X (Any version)


    # Name (Consonants only, Up to 4 letters) Player's Score
    1 BSMT 1000000
    2 CRZL   900000
    3 BGGS


    4 SNWF   700000
    5 NPHR


    How the game works:

    The lavender box with magenta text to the top right of the image above displays the player's score.

    You can enter the spinner (The thing with stars at the center of the table) up to 5 times, at the fifth time, no more balls are sent out.

    When no more balls are coming out of the spinner and you lose your last ball, sum up the score that the lavender box showed with each ball lost during the game, the result will be your final score.

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    • I have a strong distaste towards pinball games in general.

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