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    I read your comment abt lauren zuke on her page in this wiki, can u show me the chats where u said she implied amedot was a lie.

    I also wanted to point out that both Amedot and lapidot aren't canon (which i think u know), and too far didn't really say that Amy and Peri were more than friends.

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    • It was in a video chat. But then Lauren went on about it later and said Too Far did mean something.

      And it's your opinion that it really didn't say anything to you. To me, it did.

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    • Nothing was explicitly said about their relationship. If it meant something to u thats your personal choice on understanding the events. U just can't go around making it sound like a fact or a canon ship (Im not saying u do that). So why would people get so worked up abt something that's not been stated to have happened. If they said that Amedot isn't gonna happen so what. That's what the crewniverse wants, it doesn't stop u or anybody else from shipping them. They didn't even show them as canon to say they're queer baiting. Garnet and Pearl arent canon but people still like the ship. My point being neither lauren nor the crew said or really showed Amedot as canon so u can't get mad if they say it's not gonna happen. AND the same thing goes for lapidot fans because it's the same situation. They weren't lying or giving us false hope.

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