• On Buddy's Book, Steven and Connie while looking at many drawing that Buddy Buddwick made came across "The Palanquin" which Steven doesn't know about but I do! It's Blue Diamond Palanquin!

    Now it seem Blue Diamond abandoned her Palanquin during the war because they NEVER states about Blue or even White Diamond are killed when they talking about Rose SHATTERED Pink Diamond. Not even Eyeball or Jasper says something about the status of Blue and White Diamonds.

    In a promo of Future Boy Zoltron which can be mislead but we see Sapphire looked like if she have a terrible future coming or something bad happens to her. Sure maybe Steven take advantage of Garnet's Future Vision and accidentally end up hurting Sapphire because he took advantage of her but we see a big cloud thing in front of Sapphire

    Could this season give a proper introduction of Blue Diamond? I know she was introduced in The Answer but we didn't hear her voice as her voice was dubbed by Garnet.

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