During this Q&A, Deedee kindly confirmed about Blue Pearl appeared in Season 4 when she says Blue Pearl will be getting lines in Season 4

    Now in Buddy's Book, Steven and Connie find a drawing of a Palanquin which i assumed to be Blue Diamond's Palanquin

    It seem Season 4 will have Blue Diamond involved for a major plot point because why would Deedee Magno Hall straight up telling us that she is voicing Blue Pearl giving Crewniverse is very tight lip about the spoiler.

    I think Blue Diamond may abandoned Blue Pearl during the war and I assumed her gemstone got cracked which prevent her from being corrupted gems because Lapis didn't become corrupted when her gemstone got cracked

    Maybe Steven find Blue Diamond's Palanquin and find Blue Pearl's gemstone and use his healing spit to fixed the cracked gemstone

    Now I wonder what would be Blue Pearl's Personality since Yellow Pearl was more like a jerk than Our Pearl who is self-conscious about herself

    What do you think of what will be Blue Pearl's Personality?

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    • I really want that to happen BD's pearl is a character that is definitely interesting and the fact that she would be alone on earth abandoned by BD and become a new friend for Steven will be awesome

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    • She'll probably be very quite, she'll act as Steven's older sister and be very loyal to him until he teaches her to be independent then she'll just be very shy

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    • No Steven Bomb 17

      Blue diamond may return to get revenge and she want Sapphire back

      And her pearl has become like Yellow diamond's pearl?

      I guess the new arc will be Sapphire get kinapped by Blue Diamond so Steven and Ruby team up to save her  :O (Possibly a fusion of Ruby and Steven?) 

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