• Well first i have to apologise for my gramar,i am brazilian¬†:/

    Well everybody at this point is thinking in the way of Steven and Connie are walking,Steven is literaly the only friend of Connie...wait a more -_-

    For only 2 segonds of "Jeff" appears I start to think in infinit things,but the first than come to my mind is Mordecai and Margaret

    It's i can write this,Steven and Connie have a perfect "friendship" but is much perfect,the only moment than we see they discussing is in bubble buddys,the point here is,the friendship of Steven and Connie is only maintained because Connie no have friends,but now we have a secundary character than is your friend,and we know how this can walk,one friend,two friends,15 friends,fear of fights,Connie desapear of the show.

    I know this is a idiot think...BUT please somebody make some theory showing that I am wrong

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