• Tiger Philanthropist is once again delayed by CN AGAIN but interesting about this one that not only Gem Harvest will be aired on September 22! NOT September 15! But New Episode that Tiger Philanthropist is replaced by ONION GANG!

    Now I know everyone are NOT fans of Onion-Focused Episode but what if this third installment of Onion Saga could be important one than Onion Trade and Onion Friend?

    Episode with title that sound important like Rising Tides, Crashing Skies, Hit The Diamond and Last One Out of Beach City was goofy episodes but Episode with title that doesn't sound important like Cry for Help, It Could've Been Great and Super Watermelon Island are actually important one!

    I assumed this episode will actually being the heavy episode, NOT LOOOBC. I think Cartoon Network is trying to hide spoiler by changing their schedule

    But the description of Onion Gang is Steven find out about Onion's secret friends got me interesting because you don't see Onion with his friends a lot.

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