• After watching "It could of been great" I saw a map of Earth with I found strange. After more information about the Earth of SU was finally released it made me learn about how both the Homeworld and Crystal Gems effected the geography and history of Earth. However that made me wonder, how did this effect the countries of Earth? So I made a bunch of countries that Might exist (Sorry for the borders, I'm a bad at drawing)

    SU Earth Blank - Copy

    Grey areas are the normal real life countries

    Light Blue: Republic of Florida and The Bahamas (Spain manages to make a cultural foothold on Florida and becomes a nation after the Spanish-American Wars of independence and they somehow annex the bahamas after their in independence

    Dark Green: Brazillian Federation - Not much has changed (Brazil might have a population of 1 billion and would be seen as a merging global superpower)

    Yellow: Union of Atlantis - Not much to add (The americas might have been discovered earlier, I bet their culture is similar to west african cultures)

    Purple: French Republic - The algerian war never happens so Algeria is still part of France, Tunisia Is upgraded to a French department thus making it part of the country, Italy gives France Sardinia after the Napoleonic Wars (France has a bigger population)

    Brown: Russian Republic - Not much has changed (Russia has a smaller population (I believe it would be 87-93 million) and won't be the biggest nation on the planet)

    Lime: Siberian Republic of the Far East - Nothing changes (Siberia gets independence in the russian civil war or after the breakup of the soviet union)

    Dark Red: Socialist People's Republic of China - not much changes (China has a slightly bigger population and Taiwan is conquered by the Communist in the chinese civil war

    Turquoise: Federal Republic of Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka is seen as a regional power and is india's new rivial (Sri Lanka has a bigger population (100 million at least)

    Dark Blue: Republic of Japan - Not much has changed (Sakhalin is part of Japan and has a slightly bigger population and is fully a republic)

    Peach: Republic of Korea - The US and it's allies liberate north korea in the korean war and pushed into china, in result the communists surrendered (Korea is unifyed and has some Chinese land

    Orange & Blue: Federation of the Australia (A personal union between Commanwealth of Australian and the Australian Republic) - Nothing has changed really (Britain just wanted to make 2 australian colonies)

    World Diffences:

    The Sahara Desert is smaller, Mutiple landlocked african countries won't be landlocked and would be more developed, less african nations, africa has a slightly smaller population, The portugese empire would be bigger then the British and French empies, Portugese is the second most spoken language in the world (if 2L seakers are included), The gems helped earth avoid WW2 but the US and USSR are still superpowers (Meaning the cold war still happened), India would loose a chunk of their population but still would have over a billion people, Mongolia never existed (But enthic mongolians still do and live in northern china, Europe would still have it's 1930 borders, colonialism slowly dies out after the cold war, less wars on earth thanks to the gems.

    so that's allthe political diffences the gems have made. What do you guys think, you guys think there are more nations? say your perspective of the earth's history and nations in the discussion

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