• Do people really watched Steven Universe for freaking Homeworld?! Stop using the word "Filler"! Most is SU episodes contain a plot point or character development...... Let's get on with this list.

    My favorite NON-Homeworld Episode so far would probably been Mr. Greg because I love Pearl's song, It's Over isn't it and I loved of Pearl's character development because she still can't let go of Rose which cause of not able to connect with Greg but at the end, She and Greg finally dance! 2 longtime enemies dancing with each other! Oh my!

    I also like Last One Out Of Beach City and I thought Restaurant Wars was more entertaining than Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service

    Man! Why do my favorite episode have to deal with Pearl?! I have a feeling that Season 4 or Season 5 will have Homeworld Episode that deal with Pearl. Oh no! Curse you Crewniverse! Darn you, White Diamond!

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    • Giant woman!!1!

      I loved the concept of fusion and that goat was ADORABLE.

      also DAT SONG DOE.

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