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    Allenmac made an interesting theory about what would happens in Episode 147 and this is his theory

    Okay, so first of all I want to warn you that this is a long theory/ramble (over 23k characters somanypeople! ) of something I noticed a while ago but never got the chance to type up. But I’m gonna be stuck in a car for the next three hours and I won't be home until after B99 airs, so I decided to finally put down my thoughts. Also, I'm currently on my phone and am running on little sleep so I might not be able to get pictures up and formatting may be iffy- just a warning, because there's a good chance I'm not even gonna touch my computer until later. Feel free to add additions/feedback/criticism on the topic or formatting. I'm pretty sure that parts of it aren't even related to the topic of episode 147 but I already typed it up.

    Now I present to you...

    Jasperdemption or Stevenpocalypse: An "On The Run" Analysis

    Introduction: Episode 147

    In the episode “On The Run” Steven and Amethyst, in an attempt to act like the No Home Boys, run away to live life as free, homeless rebels. After a nice duet in the course of a car and train ride, the two Crystal Gems find themselves at the (prime) Kindergarten where Amethyst was made. Everything comes to a head when Pearl arrives, Amethyst calls herself a parasite, the two fight and through Steven's help make up for the miscommunication in how Pearl's comments made Amethyst feel.

    But you all already knew that.

    The real (and unfortunately less talked about) part of this episode was the train that Steven and Amethyst rode on. During their song there is a brief shot to the front of the train, seen in the song at 0:37 (on mobile, can't figure out screenshots, sorry).

    The numbers state 040 and 147. And what number chronologically is “On The Run” in the series? The 40th.

    This inclusion is HUGE. Where else in the series have we ever gotten a direct numerical foreshadow? Someone point it out to me because this magical episode 147 is the only one that I've noticed. It's one thing to do a long-term foreshadow for certain character characteristics (Garnet being a fusion), certain symbols (like the butterflies in Serious Steven and then Mindful Education), or even callbacks spanning seasons (calling Lapis Bob), but it's completely different to actually put the episode number in.

    Not to mention, the episode that 147 first appeared in was emotionally charged and revealed some huge aspects of Amethyst's character and self-deprecating personality traits (as well as furthered Pearl's and Steven's personalities and comforting abilities - but those discussions have already been made and are for another time). 147 appeared during a song about running away due to a lack of having a true home (right before Steven and Amethyst began to duet sing with Steven holding the background tune as Amethyst sang in the foreground. [Note: I hope that made sense, I am unsure how to word that in the way a technical musician would] Steven musically carried Amethyst as she revealed how she felt and gave her a chance to let off a little insight into her mental mindset). First, the song's meaning can be spread to all three Quartzes, with Steven having to deal with the consequences of being the only gem-human hybrid and resulting in the great Rose Quartz’s death, Amethyst coming out defective due to her overcooking in a plan to colonize the Earth and destroy the natural beauty and life there, and Jasper being the perfect byproduct of a terrible/rushed Kindergarten but resenting the planet she was made on due to its connotations with PD's shattering.

    Second, and perhaps most important now that we know of Jasper's origins, is that in the Kindergarten where the gem was made is where their problems come to light. Now, Jasper and Amethyst both have hangups on why and where they were made - Jasper is the rushed product from a war to reclaim a now-failed colony from a rebellion (presumably prior to her matriarch's shattering) and Amethyst is constantly aware of the fact that the whole reason gems (including herself) were incubating in the Earth was for their own colonial and parasitic means. If we take the Kindergarten aspect out, Steven is literally the cause of Rose Quartz's death; a death that influences all three of the Quartzes mentioned, but Steven is the only one who must live up to her legacy (although Bismuth hopefully changed that line of thinking). While we are unaware of exactly where Steven was born, his lack of incubating in the earth is most likely paired with the pain Rose went through by constantly shapeshifting a womb for him to grow in (since we see how hard it was for Amethyst to hold her shapeshifted form of Jasper for so long, and it is implied she only shapeshifts a digestive system when she is eating, not all the time). So Amethyst harmed the earth in her incubation, Steven brought pain to Rose and Jasper failed Pink Diamond. But since Rose obviously accepted the stress of shapeshifting to create Steven (and did it joyfully, as “Lion 3: The Movie” shows us), Amethyst and Jasper are the two who really connect to the Kindergarten parallels.

    Now that we've gotten the basis of my thoughts on this theory out of the way, onto the analysis.

    Part 1: Amethyst and Jasper Parallels

    This will be short, since there's been discussion on their similarities before. Both are Quartz soldiers, built to fight, have long hair that aids them in their spin dash, are beefy/thick and were made on Earth. Their emotional and mental comparisons only really came out in “Earthlings,” although some of their self-esteem and self-image issues were shown in “Alone at Sea” and “Cry for Help.”

    Emotionally, Amethyst has always been the one to hide her emotions behind a facade of jokes and false nonchalance. Of the three original Crystal Gems introduced, she’s the only one who has yet to talk about any doubts or thoughts she has had about Rose’s death. Yes, she has said or done things relating to Rose in the past: in “Laser Light Cannon” she bemoans how it would be so easy to take down the Red Eye if Rose were there; in “Maximum Capacity” she only shapeshifts into Rose but makes no vocal mention of her feelings towards Rose (since her shapeshifting was more to torment Greg, but she probably has long associated Li’l Butler with being able to momentarily forget all about the pain that Rose’s death caused); in “Rose’s Scabbard” she says Rose’s name in relation to Lion’s pink fur and then that Pearl’s “not the only one that misses her!” “Crack the Whip” is the first episode in which Amethyst reveals something that Rose personally said to her, “Rose said that I’m perfect, just the way I am…” and then reacts violently and impulsively when Jasper refutes the claim (insulting Amethyst, Rose’s standards, and the relationship between Rose and Amethyst). It’s one thing to implicitly say that she misses Rose, it’s another thing to bring up Rose’s words of encouragement (that Amethyst isn’t just a parasite, that she isn’t solely defective but her own person capable of change and good) while she’s getting thoroughly beat down by Jasper (who she could’ve been if she came out “right”). Since Rose probably kept most of Amethyst’s doubts at bay when she was alive, there was no need for Amethyst to judge herself based on her fellow CG’s, especially since all three were war vets and she was the “baby” of the group.

    Now Jasper has had very few episodes that focus on her; she was introduced in “The Return/Jailbreak” and spoke only once (and only repeated one word) in “Chille Tid” before her next lines in “Alone at Sea.” Post “Alone at Sea” she had a brief appearance at the end of “Gem Hunt,” took up a third of the end of “Crack the Whip,” was shown at the end of “Beta” and had all of “Earthlings” to shine before she was corrupted. Emotionally and mentally, Jasper has been through a lot and all of it can be traced back to Rose Quartz (especially based on her raspy “you” that she kept repeating in “Chille Tid” when she saw Steven).

    Whereas Amethyst is coasting without any real emphasis on fighting non-corrupted Gems (allowing for her to grow closer to Earth and human culture, living as close to a human life as a Gem can without worry of fighting in a war), Jasper has been fighting since the moment she emerged (“they said you popped out of the ground with your helmet on and took out 80 Crystal Gems before the sun went down!”) and presumably is still fighting for Homeworld but only came back to Earth for closure. Earth is a prison to Jasper, one she had freed herself from but allowed it to increase her self-hatred. And self-hatred is a large aspect of the three Quartz characters. Jasper, although a perfect Jasper, could not fight the CG’s fast enough, could not prevent Rose Quartz from shattering her diamond, could not keep up with the random and powerful fusions that the Crystal Gems continuously used, had to retreat off of her planet, flee her now failed colony, and be reassigned to Yellow Diamond in the aftereffects of her own Diamond’s shattering. Even worse, Jasper couldn’t get the satisfaction of destroying Rose Quartz, the gem that committed the ultimate crime.

    While Eyeball and the rest of the Rubies were in fangirl-levels of awe at Jasper, one can only assume it’s because of her fighting prowess. While soldiers of Jasper’s perfect quality are probably more uncommon than not (but certainly not rare), it is unlikely that she would have been given extra privilege for fighting in a war that ultimately failed. Jasper has most likely been constantly fighting for the thousands of years she has been alive, especially if Homeworld is continuing to colonially conquer other star systems.

    Jasper’s relationship with Rose is a polar opposite to Rose’s relationship with Amethyst. Where Rose encouraged, comforted and (to an extent) coddled Amethyst, Jasper was a part of her enemy in battle and faced her shield, sword, and fusion riddled army. Both have expressed a need for fusion, since it makes them feel stronger and more powerful. Since Amethyst is so sunk in her self confidence issues fusing with someone as put together as Garnet obviously allows her some peace in not being alone and Jasper’s experience as Malachite made her dependent, even though the fusion was mutually abusive and unhealthy in every way. Both Quartzes have reason for leaning on others (in Amethyst’s case, she literally leans on Steven at the end of “Earthlings”) to get their strength. And if Jasper went through a portion of her helpless and dejected stage while being trapped in Malachite and then corrupted and bubbled, then she's primed to have her issues of self hate come about soon. And unlike Amethyst, who probably had nearly 14 years of build-up (if the implied first time she shapeshifted in Rose was a result of Greg spurning her attempts to watch Li’l Butler rather than her self-imploding), Jasper will only have the course of a few months after she realized that Rose has a “new form.” It's also important to note that Malachite said in “Super Watermelon Island:” “What is this?! You think you can hold me DOWN?! Nobody can! Not anymore.” While that statement can obviously apply to Lapis (just in general) and Jasper as Malachite, it also is applied Jasper's thoughts about the Earth. She's so much more powerful as Malachite than she was when she was alone but she is still stuck on the planet without any hope of contacting Homeworld. The Crystal Gems forced her to fuse so she wouldn't be taken down...but none of that mattered since the Earth still has its hold on her.

    Part 2: Amethyst and Steven Parallels

    Again, like Part 1 the parallels between the two worst best gems have been fleshed out by many of the SU community. As a basic guideline that will be brought up in this analysis, both Steven and Amethyst have extremely close ties to Rose in how they are completely different than anyone else, they harbor a lot of self-hatred and self-pity, and they are the two “worst” Crystal Gems. My main analysis is taken from “An Indirect Kiss,” “Joy Ride,” “Steven vs. Amethyst,” “Earthlings,” and “Know Your Fusion.”

    In “An Indirect Kiss,” Amethyst and Steven are the only ones present when the vines start to attack and Amethyst (although cracked) is the only one present to hear that Steven just doesn’t know how to feel about Rose. Later on, in “Joy Ride,” Steven reveals to the Cool Kids that he is aware that the Gems resent him on some level for his mother not being there anymore - a topic that is brought up again in “Steven vs. Amethyst:” “I know what you mean. I’m...not Rose Quartz.” Obviously, this Amethyst arc has not only brought her emotionally closer to Steven (where they don’t even need a fusion dance to fuse for the first or second times, but the CGs are coming to a point where they are mature and equal enough that a dance isn't always necessary) but has also allowed for both to deal with their deep seeded issues of who they are supposed to be. Amethyst held onto those insecurities for an unknown amount of time until her confrontation with Pearl in the Kindergarten. Steven, as the new episodes are showing, has a lot of pent up emotions (with Gems trying to kill him because they think he is Rose) and he self-pities himself (“Looks like the lonely boy with no friends his age is actually...Steven” and “I don’t need you to pity me, it’s the one thing that I can do by myself”).

    Both are “wrong,” both are unique - and that’s not always a good thing. Jasper easily beats Amethyst, Steven has to go against his morals to poof Bismuth then goes even further when he’s forced to throw Eyeball out of his bubble and into space. Amethyst is grappling with the fact that she’s defective and that she knows that she’s not meant to be small, Steven can’t live up to the idealized version of Rose Quartz that everyone has been telling him about but he also can’t push himself to push aside his pacifistic tendencies either. Full of self-doubt and self-hatred, Smoky Quartz, while full of life and outwardly comfortable on who she is, internally struggles to impress and live up to Pearl and Garnet’s expectations as well as their failed expectations of themselves. Amethyst first lashed out and began her arc towards self confidence in “On The Run,” so it's possible that Steven will do the same in episode 147 (later discussed in Part 5 to avoid repetition).

    Part 3: Steven and Jasper Parallels

    Steven and Jasper each owe their existence to Rose Quartz. Without her rebellion Jasper would have been different, not the product of a rushed Kindergarten job and possibly not as perfect as she came out; as the fact stands, Rose and everything the Crystal Gems and Earth stand for are a constant reminder that Pink Diamond has been shattered and that the mighty Homeworld lost a war for a tiny backwater planet against a small, less mighty underdog army full of rebellious, fusion-happy defects. Meanwhile Steven is Rose’s son, her chance to constantly change and live life as a human, but at the same time he’s also a reminder to everyone that knew her that she is gone. His feelings towards his mom are complicated; he never got a chance to meet her so he isn’t sad (more bittersweet) when he finds out more about her life on Earth, he can’t live up to her legacy because Rose was willing to do morally gray/non-pacifistic acts for the good of the Earth over herself, he doesn’t have to live up to her since he’s his own person but at the same time he kinda is the same due to his gem and the fact that he is expected to take care of the Crystal Gems like Rose once did.

    Through their connections with Rose, Amethyst, and each other, Jasper and Steven are the plot-wise two most likely focuses for this illustrious episode 147.

    Part 4: Jasperdemption?

    Now, as Parts 1 and 3 explained Jasper has a lot of similarities with Amethyst and Steven. Since she is currently corrupted and bubbled, she has a high likelihood for being the centerpiece of episode 147. At the time of the presumed hiatus-starting “Onion Gang,” episode 111, is 36 episodes away from episode 147. It took 42 episodes for Peridot to “officially” become a CG (“Warp Tour” was 36th, “Log Date 7 15 2” was 78th) and even less for her to be somewhat amicable to the Gems (“When It Rains” and “Back to the Barn” were 71st and 72nd, being 35 and 36 episodes respectively). I don’t believe that Jasper will ever join the Crystal Gems, but to be like Lapis (merely tolerant to all but a few of them) or even to just be a chaotic neutral in the war with Homeworld (or a buff hermit waiting until the planet’s destruction, who knows?) is very possible. Regardless, 36 episodes is plenty of time for the beginnings of Jasperdemption (and therefore partial healing for corruption) to occur.

    Now, my view of Jasperdemption for/by episode 147 is merely partially healing her mentally (if not physically, like Centi) from corruption. If this season is all about self-love, something that Amethyst started to have right after the emotional episode post-“On The Run” (“Maximum Capacity”) and forced her to realize how her lashing out was affecting the people she loves, then we need to consider that she only started thinking about being content with herself in the next Amethyst-centric episodes (”Reformed,” ”Too Far” and “Too Short to Ride”).

    So what does this mean for Jasper?

    Plot wise, with Homeworld looming down and so much information on the Diamond Authority that has yet to come out (we haven't even seen White Diamond directly, heard of her in a flashback or heard her name spoken in any episode) there are many possibilities for how the Crystal Gems will build up an army (or any acceptable fighting force that surpasses at least ten people/Gems). Finding a way to cure corruption (or at least stop them from being mindless bundles of instincts and impulses) has been built up throughout the series. We've seen partial healing of corruption with Centi; the only other corrupted Gem that has plot and emotional relevance (to Steven) is Jasper, and she could be the first gem to be healed even more than Centi. Once again, I don't expect her to become completely back to normal until after episode 147, but the fact that we have seen the beta Kindergarten, we've seen that that is where Jasper was corrupted, and the fact that Amethyst underwent the catalyst to her own healing in her own Kindergarten leaves us with many possibilities of how Jasper will return (corrupted or not). Not to mention, "Earthlings" could easily be Jasper's "On the Run" in regards to character development by the end of the series.

    Regardless, Jasper's return will have to include some sort of solution to corruption and episode 147 could be the one.

    Part 5: Stevenpocalypse?

    Like Part 3, the numbering of the episodes and how they relate to characters also plays a part to Steven's potential Stevenpocalypse. We've seen that Amethyst, who has embraced the human lifestyle, often hides her emotions under joking façades until they get too real for her. Then she lashes out, often using the Burning Bridges strategy even with her family. Now Steven is very similar to Amethyst in hiding his emotions, allowing them to pent up and even putting on a façade that he's mentally fine with everything that has happened when he really isn't.

    But Steven has only ever “exploded” from his pent up feelings when he was fused with either Connie or Amethyst (both who have self confidence issues). Even then, Smoky Quartz only made self deprecating jokes about what a failed mistake they are and Stevonnie fell apart from the overwhelming thoughts (leading to Steven finally having a cry and admitting how awful he felt).

    Never has Steven, in lashing out, ever attacked someone physically. With Bistmuth he was willing to just talk it out and then fought/poofed her in self defense. His “fight” with Amethyst in “Steven vs. Amethyst” obviously wasn't going all out from either side and even then their fight was created due to their equal inadequacies rather than Steven having an individual meltdown. With all these negative thoughts that Steven has been harboring (and briefly revealing like in “Onion Gang”) and Rebecca's focus on this season being about self love, it's probable that either Steven will reach his (physical, fighting) breaking point with episode 147 being the catalyst in a direct parallel to Amethyst in “On The Run” or he will be feeling the effects of his Stevenpocalypse in episode 147.

    I also want to point out that I don't really believe that at this point Steven will never let himself knowingly attack someone as the aggressor. Unless he's doing it to protect his family (and even then they'll probably have been physically attacked anyway).

    If we relate Steven to Rose and her shattering a Diamond, maybe Steven shatters someone? And the shattering comes as he protects his family? If Amethyst felt so much shame of being a result of something Rose and the CGs viewed as immoral and too destructive, maybe Steven must do something that parallels how Rose first rebelled? I'm not sure but this paragraph and the one above it are kinda reaching at straws compared to the topic, so I'm going to continue on.

    Part 6: The Beta Kindergarten, the Clam and Episode 147

    Obviously, all three characters are Quartzes, all made on Earth and all have issues from what they should have, could have and would have been if now for their circumstances (which, presumably, includes all of their existences being because of Rose and her decisions if we go on the basis that Amethyst was put in the ground after the Rebellion first began). One if not both of the Kindergartens will probably have significant parts in episode 147 and it's surrounding episodes as the plot continues.

    At the moment, it appears that Jasperdemption will probably occur at the beta Kindergarten and Stevenpocalypse will be somewhere else, maybe at the bottom of the ocean, based on his comment in “Laser Light Cannon:” (on where Rose would keep her light cannons) “like in a cave dungeon, or a cloud fortress, or in a clam at the bottom of the ocean!” Since he has already found out about his mother’s war/strategy armory and her room that can conjure up anything she wanted, it makes sense that we would see something relating to Stevenpocalypse in a clam (which produces pearls, so…). The clam bit is a pet theory of mine, but episode 147 has other possibilities. It could be another foreshadow from “Serious Steven,” where Garnet first brushed the white butterflies out of his eyes, then after their adventure (where Steven figured out the problem and caused an explosion but ended with a large white diamond-shaped gem in his hands) the butterflies swarm him again. For that reason, I’m going to dismiss the reappearance of the butterflies until near the end of the major Diamond/Homeworld conflict (at least before the song at the end) and stick with a clam being the probable reason for Stevenpocalypse

    But we’ve barely had any Gem/Homeworld inspired plot this season so who knows at this point.


    Episode 147, as directly referenced to in “On The Run,” will probably be an emotionally devastating and lore packed episode. Storytelling devices point at either Jasper being healed even more than Centi was while in her own (beta) Kindergarten or Steven finding more about Rose, probably succumbing to his negative emotions and initiating a physical fight (with one of the Crystal Gems) while a clam is somehow involved.

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    • Anyway, For my personal opinion for this theory from Allenmac. It make perfect sense because you need to make final arc of Season 5 which is likely to be FINAL season of SU if CN didn't renew the show.

      I mean why would Crewniverse put number 147 on a train along with 040? I think they purposely add that number because they want you to know that Episode 147 will NOT be happy one

      Do you think Episode 147 will be Steven's Breaking Point?

      Episode 147 will most likely to be air on 2018 as it was stated by Matt Burnett that Season 5 will NOT air until 2018

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    • Honestly the way that the Crewniverse has been able to hide that Easter egg and you only just now found it means there could be a LOT of stuff we missed.

      Something interesting though... if we have only 26 episodes for Season 4 means that 147 = Episode 18 of S5. I don't know about you...

      But I think the fact that a Kindergarten-centered episode foreshadowed an episode presumed to take place in the final season means something else...

      Such as the reactivation of the Kindergarten.

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    • This gave me tears of joy. What a great line of thought...

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