• With Season 5 being likely to be FINAL season of Steven Universe, What if Crewniverse decides to kill off ALL Crystal Gems because they are the MASTER OF TEARJERKER! Duh!

    I am excluding Peridot, Lapis and even Jasper since they are NOT part of MAIN Crystal Gems. Sorry Peridot.

    This is the DEATH SCENE of ALLCrystal Gems and it will make you guys CRY! 👹


    This is unlikely to happens but I am doing it anyway! Just says White Diamond split Garnet in half and both Ruby and Sapphire's Gemstone are cracked! They will look at each other and says goodbye with each other before their gemstone get shattered by White Diamond. Steven, Amethyst and Pearl are saddened by Garnet's Death. Yes I know Ruby and Sapphire's death would be similar to Romeo and Juliet's death


    Amethyst is trying to fight White Diamond but she was easily defeated by her and got poofed instantly. Steven tried to save Amethyst's Gemstone but White Diamond shattered Amethyst's gemstone. Steven will yell "NOOOO!!!" and Pearl will be horrified at this and she just lost her best friend.


    This death will be the final straw for me and your guys. This death is going to make me cry! 😭 Okay Vin. Let do this......

    Pearl sacrifice her life in order to protect Steven from White Diamond who tell Steven that she must confronted her former master. Pearl put anything to prevent White Diamond from following Steven and she did but unfortunately it cost her life as she was shattered by White Diamond and Steven will be crying a lot! He is devastated at this and mourn the death of Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl

    Steven is on his own and must face White Diamond by himself!

    Would you like to see this happens? Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl get killed off by White Diamond and Steven is fighting against White Diamond?

    I am sure Peridot, Lapis and even Jasper will be the NEW Guardian for Steven to take place for LATE Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.

    Who doesn't want Steven to live with Homeworld Gems?

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