• I know this is TOO EARLY to talk about it but this image give us a clue of what could happens in that episode

    On The Run was 40th Episode of Steven Universe and there was a scene when Amethyst fighting Pearl and it's very intense to watch

    But why would Crewniverse put the number 147 on a train? It's not like they put a random number! I think they purposely did this because they have a habit of foreshadowing the upcoming event.

    Giving Episode 147 is 10 episode before Episode 156 which is to be FINAL Episode of Steven Universe. We will probably get a 10 Episode Final Arc which make sense.

    I assumed Episode 147 will have Steven let his negative emotion consume him and he is attacking Crystal Gems! This is similar to Amethyst and Pearl's scene but this one is way emotionally and more brutal. At the same time, Someone reactivated the Kindergarten! Oh NO!!! After that, Steven QUIT Crystal Gem! He denounced Crystal Gems! He is NO longer Crystal Gems

    Curse you, Rebecca Sugar! This is Mind Game!

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    • I'm not sure about the rest of this thread, but that screenshot looks kinda compelling so...

      Good job on finding that vin.

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