• With Gem Harvest being air on Next Month, I guess there will be NO STEVENBOMB on November. (No Steven's Fall Adventure 😭)

    But there's a possibility that there will be Fifth StevenBomb which will be air on January

    During this year's San Diego Comic Con, Ian Jones-Quartey confirmed there will be a Fifth StevenBomb! And this year's New York Comic Con revealed that there will be a NEW Episode called "Three Gems and a Baby" and it going to have a Greg song "Ready for This"

    Now i think Tiger Philanthropist and Three Gems and a Baby will be part of Fifth StevenBomb for 2 reasons

    1. Tiger Philanthropist is only unaired episode that was leaked for Original Season 2 back in 2015 and it make sense to have that episode finally being air after 2 years of being unaired episode

    2. This Year's San Diego Comic Con reveal about upcoming song called "Here Comes a thought" and next month that song was played for Mindful Education. It's make sense if they have Three Gems and a Baby to be part of Fifth StevenBomb because why would they reveal about Ready for This song? It's madness if they don't have that episode to be part of Fifth StevenBomb!

    Here's my plot prediction

    Tiger Philanthropist would be a sequel to Tiger Millionaire because it have Tiger in the title people! It's Amethyst-Focused Episode and this might be less serious because Gem Harvest will be the important episode since it's 22 MINUTES long Special.

    Three Gems and a Baby- This one might be the last "Story for Steven" Episode. Greg will tell Steven of him initially being a struggling father to Steven when he was a Baby. I think this one may included Rose since Rebecca Sugar sang Ready for This song with Tom Scharpling and I think Crewniverse is trying to avoid any spoiler about Three Gems and a Baby. I think Rose would sang Ready for This with Greg before she gave a birth to Steven

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