• Rebecca Sugar confirmed that Garnet DON'T ASK QUESTION! If she does ASK QUESTION, That would be considered NON-CANON!!!

    It's make sense of why GARNET NEVER ASK QUESTION! She have a future vision! DUH! Why would she ASK QUESTION if she already knew it thank to her FUTURE VISION

    If you watch Know Your Fusion, When Pearl tell Garnet if they should ask Steven and Amethyst of what they doing, Garnet's Respond to this?

    "I CAN'T"

    So Pearl ASK Steven and Amethyst instead.

    I can't believe some of you guys are unaware of this revelation about Garnet! ­čść

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    • We are, we have been for a while, it's great that you noticed though

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    • I think Garent said that because her future vision would give things away. I think she knew Amethyst and Steven had a suprised but didn't know what so she didn't want to ruin it.

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    • While that's a good way of explaining the context of the "I can't" statement as it relates to the show, it was already confirmed that it was actually a 4th wall break joke by the creators because they have a character note that literally states Garnet cannot ask questions, it is completely out of character for her to do so.

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    • Well, she does have future vision but the main reason for her not asking questions is

      "When Rose told Garnet that she was the answer to all of her questions about herself, Garnet thought that Rose meant that she should never ask anymore questions in general."

      Pretty much, when Rose said to Garnet "Don't ever question this, you already are the answer" Garnet thought that she can't question anything anymore, explaining why she never asks questions

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    • Garmeatnet

      This already is the answer.

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    • (Pssssssssssssssst... Don't question it!)

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    • A FANDOM user
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