• When CN announced Steven Universe will crossover with Uncle Grandpa, People got MAD because they HATED Uncle Grandpa and they wanted Adventure Time to crossover with Steven Universe because Rebecca Sugar has worked on Adventure Time and she even voiced Marceline's Mother!

    But do you guy realize Say Uncle was April Fool Prank by Rebecca Sugar?

    Okay..... I think you still don't understand of why they made Say Uncle... so Let try it again! It Was April Fool Prank

    Okay...... I don't know if you hearing me right.... So I will say this one more time.... IT WAS A FREAKING APRIL FOOL PRANK!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡

    The whole Say Uncle idea was Rebecca Sugar's idea! She wanted to collaborate with Uncle Grandpa crew! Gosh! People don't understand about this Cartoon industry! This is ludicrous! Horrendous! Rubbish! 😡

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    • Yes Vin, we're aware of this, we've been aware of this ever since the episode aired

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    • "Do people aware"

      11/10 grammar


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    • A FANDOM user
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