• Think about it, Everytime we get a Greg Flashback Episode. The following episodes become story arc!

    After Story for Steven, The Return Arc

    After We Need To Talk, Sardonyx Arc

    After Greg The Babysitter, Jasper-Amethyst Arc

    Greg, Please! For your son and CGs' Safety, Stop telling your story to them or else you just kept giving them a story arc!

    Beside that, I could see either Tiger Philanthropist or even The War as the beginning of a New story arc because we been constantly getting a lighter and softer episode that doesn't involve Homeworld. It doesn't help the fact that end credits music foreshadowing about Homeworld!

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    • I refuse to believe you're old enough to be on this wiki

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    • Turbo Velocity the Time Traveling Super Speedster wrote: I refuse to believe you're old enough to be on this wiki


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    • The war arc sound like a arc for season 5 so my guess is the pearl-mystry girl arc  

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    • Guys, quit hating on Vin. He may be young, but just because he is dosen't mean he dosen't have good ideas.

      And I really didn't recognize this patern, and if it's happened 3 times in a row, then It's pretty likely to happen again!

      I think Tiger Philanthropis will feature either a gem called Tiger's Eye (i think that's what it's called?) or maybe Tiger Millionaire! And the war may give us info on the gem war or maybe even PD!

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    • OMG your right, Tiger eye might be in Tiger Philanthropis but how is she going to be in earth? 

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    • It being Tiger Eye would explain the first part of the title but philanthropists are people who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by the generous donation of money to good causes. So she'd have to not be an enemy of the CGs of course this word is synonomous with the word benefactor so maybe she's sent to Earth to investigate the planet and why it isn't blown up...hmm

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    • Tiger Eye may be a old Crystal gem 

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    • I think there will be an arc coming up soon, there is evidence on it.

      Back during the SDCC 2016, they revealed that Yellow Diamond and her Pearl will get a song, so, we know that Yellow Diamond will come back in the future. Also, a couple months ago, they revealed a new voice actress, Ashley Burch. Then, we got creepy music during the ending credits of Gem Harvest. So, this could only mean one thing, Homeworld invasion!

      I think there's a Yellow Diamond/Homeworld arc coming soon! And with this new voice actress being revealed, we can assume that Yellow Diamond won't just be showing up with her Pearl but another gem too. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if she showed up with a small army, I think she'll bring her Pearl, that new gem (if that's who Ashley Burch is gonna voice), a few Rubies (definitely not the Ruby Squad because they're floating in space, she'll bring probably the Rubies from The Answer and some other Rubies that we haven't seen before), and maybe a couple of Peridots (I drew a cute little sketch of two Era-1 Peridots who have a sisterly bond and I would like to see something like that on the show, two Era-1 Peridots who are like sisters). It looks like we're gonna get an epic fight between Yellow Diamond and her small army, if she ends up bringing one.

      And I think there will be episodes leading up to the Yellow Diamond episode like maybe Steven unbubbling and keeping Jasper and the Ruby Squad crashing down from space and being looked after until they're fully recovered (I wouldn't be surprised if the Ruby Squad had some effect after being in space for a certain amount of time, like they get sick or dizzy or just overly exhausted). After we'll probably have some episodes about them following up, then, maybe Jasper or one of Ruby Squad members or Lapis or Peridot sensing something weird. Then, that's when the Yellow Diamond episode comes in. And maybe after that the arc concludes with the Crystal Gems being victorious, Jasper and the Ruby Squad being on Earth (some redemption involved, I want Jasper to get healed and redeemed and the Ruby Squad getting rescued and redeemed), and some of or most of or all of Yellow Diamond's small army either getting poofed and bubbled or getting separated. But, the Yellow Diamond/Homeworld invasion arc can play out either way and what I wrote before is just how I think it might play out and my speculation about how it will probably go. But, however the Yellow Diamond/Homeworld invasion arc plays out, it's gonna be awesome because Rebecca Sugar and the Crewniverse are very creative and talented writers and they'll come up with something really amazing!

      Anyway, I think we're gonna be getting the Yellow Diamond/Homeworld invasion arc soon and it's gonna be awesome! Looks we're gonna have a lot in store for when the show comes back in 2017!

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    • I know I say this a lot but...ok you know how forced fusions where made to punish the gems who rebelled right? They presumably did so because they used different type gem fusions to fight as kind of an ironic death as the thing that helped save the Earth would be used to destroy it with the CG shards being it's components. Well what do you think is gonna happen when they figure out who Steven is and how he's a hybrid? And Connie is an ally of the CG so they'd be punishing them by forcing them to fight one of their own by turning her into a half gem and brainwashing her. First we'd get an episode establishing her relationship with everyone then she gets taken by Homeworld during an epic battle. The next episode they infiltrate the ship that the operation is being done on, they find her and she begins to fight the CG. The gems are forced to leave her behind, this begins a multiple episode arc where Peridot is trying to figure out how to undo the brainwashing and Steven tries to reach her. Eventually Peridot makes a device that will let Connie have her free will back but someone has to hold her still. Steven volunteers to stall her, they find her and Steven starts to talk to her and sings as a flashback plays, we get a montage of every moment they've had together as Peridot fires the device. After the montage ends Connie comes back to her senses and hugs Steven, tearfully apologizing for everything, the rest of the gems join in on the hug. The scene cuts to Connie's parents agreeing to let her continue training but as long as she doesn't fight until the war begins.

      ...too anime?

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