• She's my favorite gem n__n and I think she deserves batter. I'm not sure if she'll be very open to the idea of becoming a Crystal Gem but you never know. She deserves another chance. I don't think it's that she hates fusions or anything like that, it's just that she's never had a successful fusion before. I think she's just a bit jealous that others have such stable relationships and everyone points her out as a criminal right away.

    But clearly, in Earthlings, she realizes that maybe she was wrong about things. She was so sure that Steven was Rose but when Steven refers to what Rose did to Yellow Diamond in a confused manner, Jasper is quite shocked. As if she'd finally realized that maybe it wasn't her after because there's no way Rose would've forgot. Rose would've known that Jasper was originally under Pink Diamond's court. But Steven assumed she was under Yellow Diamond. And Jasper was honestly very shocked.

    Clearly, Jasper just needs someone to sit and understand her. I think if she's just given a chance, people would see that there's so much more to her than her intimidating appearance. She just wants to be loved like everyone else. And she wants to relax for once in her life. She even said that she'd been fighting since she came out of the dirt.

    Maybe she holds such self-hate because she's failed all her missions. Even Peridot felt that way when she became stuck on Earth. As if she wasn't good enough or she truly failed. Jasper wants to prove that she's strong on her own and that she doesn't need anybody because that's how the Diamonds told her to be. All gems have a specific purpose and they're not to stray from that.

    Jasper is supposed to be a soldier made of steel. She's not supposed to rely on anyone or anything. She's supposed to symbolize brute strength and perseverance. She's just trying to live up to her expectations like all gems. Even Pearl admitted that she has to be told what to do. Regardless of how a gem may feel or think, it's like they have a set genetic code. There are some things they can and cannot do.

    She needs to come back though. Steven should heal her and teach her self-worth. Lapis was that way too and so was Peridot. They thought they were worthless and stuck. They felt as though they couldn't do anything to make things better. But Steven got through to them.

    Jasper's character is actually a lot deeper than people think. She was instilled with the thought that she didn't deserve the help or pity of others. She was just another quartz soldier made to protect and fight. And the fact that she has no say so in what she does with her life makes her angry. And she takes it out on others.

    I find Jasper fascinating because she refuses to give up. She wants to prove herself and it reminds me of myself. She's hard on the outside but on the inside, she's begging to be heard. Her corruption is the result of her hatred for herself.

    And the only reason why it completely took over her was because she gave into her hate. Corruption is said to be the tearing of fabric of a gem's mind. Lapis completely rejected her in Alone at Sea and she finally realizes that Steven isn't Rose. She's hurt and doesn't know what to think anymore. So with not a clue of what to do next, she allows the corruption to spread and take over her entire being.

    I don't get why people hate her so much. Sure she's done wrong things but she lacked proper knowledge and plus she's just following orders guys. It's obviously not common for a Home World gem to disobey they're Diamond. Peridot almost had a heart attack while arguing with her own and instantly regretted it afterward.

    So you can't just exile Jasper as if she's some criminal. She's a person too with feelings and thoughts that no one ever bothered to ask about or listen to :(

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