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    05:45, January 6, 2017
    Discuss the StevenBomb 5 episodes here.

    All we ask is that you please refrain from discussing the episodes outside of here as well as uploading files and updating/creating articles based off of the info derived from the episodes, with the exception of "Steven's Dream". Thanks!

    UPDATE 1/5/17: Cartoon Network has released a statement (profanity and spoiler warning) via Polygon saying that this was not an accident, however, we will still take precautions as their release was limited, aside for "Steven's Dream".

    It has been reported that the episodes are also available on demand for some TV providers, so we will be looking into that and see how we want to move forward with this new information.

    As of now, the episode "Steven's Dream" has been on the Cartoon Network site for a couple of days even after the other episodes were removed, so the administration has decided to exempt the episode from our policy on leaks and instead enforce our Spoiler Policy until it officially airs on January 30th. If you need any assistance on how this works, please ask an active admin.

    You can discuss the episode without spoiler templates here, but please use them outside of the thread.

    Remember, you may not link illegal ways to watch these episodes on this wiki.

    UPDATE 1/3/16: These episodes were released by accident, and as such, will be considered leaks. In accordance to our policy on leaks, we shall continue to ban discussion and editing related to the leaked content until it officially airs. We thank you for your cooperation.

    Hello everyone, As you may have heard, despite being slated to start airing on January 30th, Cartoon Network has uploaded all of the StevenBomb 5 episodes to their website and app. In light of this, the Steven Universe Wiki staff has decided to temporarily halt any sort of discussion as well as editing related to these episodes, since the reason for their early release is unclear. We will update you all, including with our final course of action, when there is a sort of announcement explaining this and/or if the episodes are taken down.

    Thank you.

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