Hello, I'm Vin13ish and yes Cartoon Network really make themselves a fool by accidentally released a 5 unaired Episodes on their apps! I NOT going to talk about those episodes because I got an important discussion about Summer of Steven!

    Yes it got to be a MEGA EVENT FOR SU FANS..... IT WAS HYPED BY CN TO BE THE GREATEST SUMMER EVENT! But after Know Your Fusion, It seemed Summer of Steven didn't please some fans and I got a list of why those fans are becoming a former SU Fans and here we go!

    They use a term "Seasonal Rot" which basically they don't like this season


    1. The second half of Season 3 split the fandom with what is perceived by some as pacing issues.

    2. Specific problems include more episodes focused on the humans of the cast (who are generally considered less interesting than the Gem characters)

    3. a lack of development with Peridot and Lapis

    4. the main plot involving Homeworld coming to a hold after "Bubbled" resulting in a Myth Stall.

    5. The show was not very fast-paced and had episodes devoted to the humans from the beginning, only that was before the series revealed that it had a greater plot. Once it did, a section of fans generally wish that the series did not return to its roots in that manner.

    6. The show's long and frequent hiatuses don't help.

    Yup..... But was Summer of Steven a bad idea?

    No..... My personal opinion is that sure it wasn't a story-driven event but there some episodes that I enjoyed to be honest with you

    My favorite from Summer of Steven is Mr. Greg! Again Love Pearl ❤️ And really guys? That got to be the best Steven Universe Episodes ever!

    I did enjoyed Restaurant Wars more so than Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service

    And we got to see Steven finally fused with Amethyst into SMOKY QUARTZ! I always wanted to see him fused with Gems beside Connie!

    Summer of Steven may NOT please some fans but it very enjoyable for those that don't like a dark Episodes

    And plus it was basically a gift from CN! They released like so many of them during SUMMERTIME! This is for HIATUS HATER!

    I'm vin13ish and I signing off!

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    • I just realized something, you know how one of the problems is "7.8/10 too much human focus" well i've come to think that in SU and in real life humans are the cause of every problem! We must exterminate every human ever to get rid of all problems!

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