• Here Sadie's age is posted as "16-18", which I feel is incorrect based on these facts:

    - Sadie has graduated highschool.

    - She works at the Big Donut seemingly full time.

    - The minimum age requirement to work at establishements like the Big Donut is 16 years of age. As of Joking Victim Sadie had been working there for over two years, going on three.

    - Over two years have passed since then because Nightmare Hospital confirms that SU progresses in almost real time (I know it is tricky to tell with this scattered scheduling).

    - So Sadie had been working there for 4, possibly 5 years.

    Based on these facts I believe Sadie is 20 - 21 years of age, maybe even 22 if she wasn't the minimum age when starting out at the Big Donut.

    Please forgive me if I posted this in the wrong board, I am new here and this is my first thread.

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    • Nice. When was it mentioned she finished high school tho¿

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    • So she's older than Lars right?

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    • Misunderstood Human wrote: So she's older than Lars right?

      Assuming that Lars is in high school and hasn't had to repeat years and that Sadie has graduated, then yes.

      @The Nerd Beast It might be best to not list an age at all. I believe the only other characters that have a listed age are Steven and Connie since we have exact numbers for them.

      Also, welcome to SU wiki! This is probably the right board; wikia discussion may have worked too.

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    • TheStiff wrote:
      Nice. When was it mentioned she finished high school tho¿

      In Sadie's Song her mother Barb mentioned how Sadie "never went to prom". This insinuates that her oppurtunities to go to prom are over, meaning she graduated. Granted it isn't concrete evidence, but based on logic it is the most likely conclusion.

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    • Actually, I think the current age is spot on if you consider that she might've started off at the Big Donut as a summer job which later turned into full employment when she was old enough. Besides, I'm not sure time works like that in SU. Connie, for example, would've changed a lot in two years but she seemingly looks exactly the same. In fact, none of the characters seemingly age at all...

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