• Hello,

    I have had the pleasure of being here for close to 3 years. This wiki has given me tons of memories that I will always remember. Throughout the good times and the bad, the wiki and its users have been there to support me and make me feel at home. It feels like yesterday when Killer365 and Pearl is awsome gave me the privilege to moderate this wiki so other users could have a happy environment as well.

    However, I feel like I can safely say that I am going to move onto a new chapter of my life. I will be resigning as bureaucrat and administrator from the Steven Universe Wiki. I have thinking of this moment for over a year, and now is the best time to do it at this point in my life. I am confident that the wiki will be in great hands with Lenhi, Lilduders, and Killer365 at bureaucrat and with our other fantastic administrators.

    Thank you to all the users who have made an impact on my life, and there have been quite a lot. I will talk to the administrators to help make this transition if needed, but again I trust any decision that they will make.

    Thanks again,

    Superluigi6 (talk) 21:39, February 1, 2017 (UTC)

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