• Since it was announced Steven Universe would return to weekly episodes on Friday and these episodes will be part of this weekly episodes

    1. The New Crystal Gem - February 10

    2. Storm in the Room - February 17

    3. Rocknaldo - February 24

    4. Tiger Philanthropist- March 3

    Out of these episodes, which one will be the important to the storyline?

    I would say probably Storm in the Room as it's a continuation of Pink Diamond Arc which started in Steven's Dream

    The synopsis of Storm in the Room is

    Steven goes into his room in the temple to look for answers.

    So Steven still need answers about Pink Diamond but since Crystal Gems still refused about this. He decides that Rose's Room is only one that can give him some answers

    Why I say this?

    Because I think The New Crystal Gem is basically Connie-focused/Flashback episode! So it wouldn't be that important

    I am mixed about Rocknaldo or Tiger Philanthropist as one of these episode could give us a hint about the upcoming event.

    Rocknaldo is about Ronaldo searching for Rock People which is Gem and Tiger Philanthropist is Steven tries Pro Wrestling but who know!

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    • Ronaldo episodes always foreshadow, so I'd take that into consideration.

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    • I see it like this until we get some previews

      Storm in the Room and Rocknaldo are tied for first place because Storm in the Room will likely give us some answers and Rocknaldo will foreshadow what happens next in the series.

      The New Crystal Gems is a close second because I think it'll mostly just be fun between three fan favorites and they'll form the b-team.

      Tiger Philanthropist is third because I think it'll just be fun.

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    • Connie episodes are ALWAYS the most important.

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    • True but then again that's because Connie so three way tie for first place?

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    • The real way to tell if an episode is important is to see if Rebecca Sugar is listed as one of the Storyboarders. Of course they don't let that information out until the last minute.

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    • I just saw the 1-minute clip for the episode, and I'm not sure whether or not it will be a filler, or something plot related.

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    • Legognocchi101 wrote: I just saw the 1-minute clip for the episode, and I'm not sure whether or not it will be a filler, or something plot related.

      Wait and see.... ;)

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    • Lenhi
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    • Nothing important happens out of the bombs now.

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    • A FANDOM user
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