• So we are currently at Season 4 and we still don't know about Season 5 but Rebecca Sugar did tease Season 5 would be huge but their story doesn't end that season. If Cartoon Network doesn't renew SU, well Season 5 be their final season.

    Anyway here's my prediction of Season 5

    My prediction of Season 5

    I think it would BEING very homeworld-centric storyline and here's a chance of revealing about Pearl's Old Owner since we don't know about her past life before meeting Rose Quartz.

    The Diamond Authority would be the main antagonist of this season especially White Diamond since she might be Pearl's Old Owner

    So I don't know how this season end? Here's my two outcome

    1. If Cartoon Network doesn't renew the show

    I think there might be a huge final boss fight between Steven and one of Diamonds. It would be cool to see Steven fused with Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl into their ultimate fusion to fight the Diamonds

    Happy Ending! Yeah! Sorry I am not good at prediction the show! Forgive me!

    2. If Cartoon Network does renew the show

    I think Snake People will be the focus once we deal with Homeworld because who created them?! and I think Homeworld are in a war with Snake People which explain about why they low on Resource!

    Come on! Snake People storyline! It would refresh the show so it wouldn't be boring and don't frustrated the fans!

    So please get your prediction out about Season 5! I try my best!

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    • My prediction is that we're going to get 3 arcs; each spanning 5 episodes:

      If the cure to corruption isn't discovered here in season 4, then Season 5 will kick off with the curing corruption arc/Jasper redemption arc. I have a feeling that Season 4 will have an arc at the end that leads them to the cure, and the first 5 episodes of Season 4 will have the Gems unbubbling and uncorrupting Jasper, and changing her heart so that she becomes a reliable ally to the Crystal Gems. It'll be hard for sure, but it'll be worth it in the end.

      The second arc will be focused on Pearl, what she desires in space, and her past and former owner, White Diamond. The fact that we haven't heard Pearl's origin or any mention of White Diamond yet, despite having origins for pretty much everyone else and having had revelations about so many shocking plot points up to this point tells me that this is all for the end-game. Pearl has also had a desire to travel to Space (and not to Homeworld) in the episode "Space Race", and while her destination COULD'VE been to the Zoo to free all the humans there, I seriously doubt that's where she wanted to go. To top it all off, a new Rainbow Quartz formed out of Steven and Pearl.

      If Jasper's arc has already been taken care of in Season 4, then I suspect we'll receive a Garnet arc- I can't for the life of me figure out what it would be about, but I'm guessing we'd get not just a Steven and Garnet fusion, but maybe a Garnet and Peridot fusion as well?

      And of course, the final arc, Preperations for a face-off against Yellow Diamond (And Maybe Blue Diamond as well, but I don't think White Diamond will participate-not in Season 5). I think here is where all our Gems are going to pull together; Bismuth comes back here and makes new weapons with Peridot; Garnet, Pearl, and Jasper train the heck out of the weaker Gems and humans; The Watermelon Stevens return; the Gems practice forming newer, more complex fusions (throw in the Garnet fusions from above if that arc doesn't pan out). And in the last episodes, the battle breaks out, Yellow Diamond is defeated, poofed, and bubbled, and the Earth is finally safe... for now.

      That's 15 episodes of plot, with 11 Beach City episodes.

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