• If someone made a forum for the dream network can you point it to me.

    Steven Universe has lots of power with dream make me think I going list out all the power.

    1. Steven can go to the dream network by sleep and see his friend dream can also help them to change by fix the dream

    2. Steven can use the dream network to get into the fusions network that crazy.(Malachite)

    3. Steven can take over human body that mess up 

    4.All gem can go to the dream network see by pearl who have a dream but if she can dream what stop her take over human body.

    5.Who created the dream network.

    6.(Ronaldo headcanon )Is this Ronaldo conspiracy theories snake people because it sound like it ahhhhh. Ronaldo go sleep or do not sleep

    8.(headcanon)When human go sleep the forget about the gem,That why the human are so dumb the be brainwashed.

    9.(headcanon)Connie and Greg Universe are outside the system.

    ​10.(headcanon)This system was created by a black pearl.

    Have a good night sleep lol.

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    • From a place of true sincerity, are you okay?

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    • It more of a Creepypasta,I love Creepypasta or Creepypasta videogame.First start nice then end as a Creepypasta it only a joke.

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    • I a Programmer we write code to remove worked mean fire people :0.So we Programmer have build lots of dark humor because of this try doing this for 10 year and not get dark humor lol.But we also help pepole with are software because want to help people.

      I sorry I say to much but lots of us Programmer has dark humor sometime we need to let it out or I watch Kubo and the Two Strings.

      I think this very light dark humor.The network talk come from me doing in code for 10 year we have to link are systems together.

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