• Lion Is not corrupt

    Lion was created by Rose healing tears

    Lion must be regguler lion that Rose had kep as pets many years ago she had many

    their must been newbron that was born posible sick or nearly death as she helaed him to have natural powers from her healign powers though its quite possible extra power of Pink Dimamond

    Steven shown this possible with Pumpkin to bring him to life

    White diamond may be the fusuin form of all three pink, Blue and yellow since never mention just what to say it

    also Rose Room wasnt real Rose at we all know it was Steven talking to himself about Rose. Didnt u ntoice he never meant his mother as he was scared but knowing that room only brings fake world for Steven/Rose can create. Steven talk to fake rose that everthign he herd aabout her how good and amaznig of her at first was supposedly alot of fun. Steven made fake riose to be dark to talk about what he herd of the latest horrbile news that killed Pink diamond, hiding the truth about Bismuth, and being lair though as he cried he miust have think their some good about her about her in the vidoe when she mention about the beauty of earth will give to Steven.

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    • Sorry for bad grammar


      Rose made lion possible when he was born he might have been sick and she heal him quite possible he was the first animal to be healed by her tears. What gave him a new life of Pink Lion. Could be the source of his powers but we not sure yet though could be she gave him power possible of Pink Diamond shatter... Steven brought the pumpkin to life didn't u notice that the pumpkin jump to him as similar way that Lion did in his first episode.

      Rose Room

      This room is a fake world to be use to make things upas imaginary world. Steven wanted to see his mom though he was just playing a fake mom. Fake Rose is Steven talking to himself possible as you notice he never meant his mom as he stared she is fake thing he made her up as he was happy to see her but scared thinking all the good she had for earth and everyone like the crystal gems. Dark Fake Rose was Steven thinking of real mom horrible side that she is liar as she seal way Bismuth, Shutter Pink Diamond and etc... but when Steven talk to her in the end she said in the video that she told him that earth was good showing she not all of a liar. Though that was Steven thinking about the video showing their was good in Rose.

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    • "Lion was created by Rose healing tears"

      We never watch that pls add a "what if" or something

      "Lion Is not corrupt"

      Also, we don't know this

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    • as i said before, u have future vision

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