• Hey!, i was looking a SU video and i notice a weird mushroom shaped tree when Lapis tells her backstory in "Same old world"

    I knew i have seen that tree before, so i made some research, that tree is a Dracaena draco, according to Wikipedia you can find the largest population of this dudes in Morocco, that's on west Africa

    Guess what, in the SU earth that part of Africa is in South America according to this map

    SU Map

    So... yeah, Lapis did that, that's my theory, what do you think? :v

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    • Lapis old world

      Lapis Same old world (from youtube)

      Here it is, the tree i'm talking about
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    • Same Old World 153

      (our?) Bismuth before poofing Lapis

      Also, since the gem here looks like our Bismuth and Bismuth is a crystal gem, then we can assume that she was actually saving the world from Lapis D:
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    • Except smoke and pollution is a bad thing.

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    • Cheeseskates wrote:
      Except smoke and pollution is a bad thing.

      meh, that's common stuff from the war, also, the part with (our?) Bismuth is (not enterly, just a little) off-topic, (still about "Same Old World" but not specifically about Lapis job on earth)

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    • Do you think Lapis was responible for what happened to Russia?

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    • LapisLazuliisthebest wrote:
      Do you think Lapis was responible for what happened to Russia?

      Well, in "Same old world" she said that she was meant to only stay for a short period of time, so doing Africa (the thing i'm assuming) and doing Russia looks like a job for 2 Lapis (or more), I can't be sure about this one but we can consider some things:

      Since we don't know where the magic locations are located (XD), and if our Lapis was the only Lapis Lazuli gem sended to Earth, the cause of the hole in Rusia can be:

      1) The Geode: It looks like a nuke, so it can be the thing that destroyed Rusia, not a Lapis

      2) Galaxy warp: It's surrounded by water, maybe a Lapis

      3) Sea shrine: Since it's a building under water, it could be the work of a Lapis

      4) Lunar Sea Sphire: The articule dedicated to this location on this wiki says " When the Spire began to sink, the ocean moved in similarly to how Lapis Lazuli's water tower collapsed in "Ocean Gem" ", to be honest, i haven't rewatched this episode since a year or more, so i'm not sure

      So, if a Lapis (or our Lapis) did the Rusia thing, it would mean that in the big Rusia hole thing there is a location like 2, 3 or 4 there, (Peridot said something about what Homeworld planned to do with Earth that included this magic locations)

      But (4) being in Rusia can be unlikely, since in "Buddy's Book" Buddy makes it to (4), and it looks kinda far away from "coast" so (4) could actually be at an accesible point not far from coast (The distance is very far from coast to the red dot in the map of the moon base, Buddy alone getting there is unlikely), also we don't know is SU earth is the same size of our earth

      The hole in Rusia looks like filled with water, so (1) could be unlikely

      We can still see that the map have 4 red dots in water-surrounded places, 1 in Rusia, 1 in the atlantic ocean, and 2 near what we would call "USA", (maybe a fifth one in "Cuba" or "Haiti", the one that looks near an island)

      My conclusion about what hapened to Russia, and the relation with our Lapis, is that we still need more info and clues, that's because (for all i said before) we are entering in a topic with more incognites than equations

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    • Jolmev
      Jolmev removed this reply because:
      off topic and very deppresive :c (meh not really) everyone have weird theories abut lapis, but no one have this one, i want it to be shared with the world, what should i do?
      03:37, April 29, 2017
      This reply has been removed
    • Why is this open again? yay? :DD?

      meh, closed again for the 14 days thing :c

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    • A FANDOM user
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