• what about a 12 gem fusion

    garnet (ruby + sapphire)









    topaz x2

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    • Awesome!! 👏

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    • That will be super unstable.

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    • I hope you mean "uncorrupted Centipeetle" we all know what happens when a corrupted gem fuses with a non-corrupted one.

      Earthlings 232
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    • Greendorito0o0oo0o wrote: That will be super unstable.

      So unstable that EVEN MALACHITE would seem stable!

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    • Actually i dont think jasper can be part of the fusion , there is no way she would join the cystal gems if rose shatered pink. So there is only centipeetle who would have to be uncorupt first. I think they could make a 11 gem fusion work they all dont like the diamonds (even topaz) if they think of that they could stay stable. Maybe we could get a massive fight againt white or a fusion of the diamonds.

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    • A FANDOM user
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