• Look it isn't your fault don't say those things about yourself. I don't think your a bad person at all just a little misguided on things.Probably what I'm saying ┬ánow doesn't even matter, but I'm going to say this now everyone has good in them they just need to know how to express it right.I think that there is something that might've happened to you I don't know what,but you seem actually sad when trying to be happy.Try and actually be happy have a smile it's better than being sad and depressed.I still smile even though i'm going to say this probably doesn't matter don't feel sorry for it either.I never really had a father well I did he just never cared for me he always thought what I did in school even wasn't good enough he doesn't approve of my coding skills at all he tries to make me feel down and sometimes I do along with me just trying to keep a smile on my own face when I can't,but when I see others smile that is what usually makes me Smile.That might be weird but that is how I work I'm not trying to offend you or anything just trying to help you out. Just please better yourself and come back to the chat please I wasn't offended by anything you said you were perfectly fine how you were talking I was just listening to you is all.So please come back and have fun on chat with the rest of us.

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