• Ive been thinking for episode names, maybe these gesses can be real names, but who knows (Vote for favorite and/or leave an episode name and plot) The Numbers are of how I think the Order will be

    1. Escape

    Steven and The Crystal Gems try to find out how to get Lars to Earth

    1. Homeworld 

    Steven and The Crystal Gems go to Homeworld

    1. Pink Diamond 

    Steven talks about what happend at Homeworld

    2. Unfused

    Steven tries to heal The Rutlite Twins

    3. Off Colored Crystal Gems

    Steven forms a 3rd group from the Crystal Gems

    4. War Explained

    Steven heals Nephrite (Centipidle)

    5. A new member

    The 3 Nephrites Joins Off Colored Crystal Gems

    6. 2 Sapphires, 1 Ruby

    The Crystal Gems meet better the Off Colored Crystal Gems

    7. Double of Garnets

    Garnet teaches Rodonite how to Fight

    8. Son of Rose Quartz

    Parpadacha tells to steve what really happened

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