• What do you guys think the Cluster Gems gemstones are? and I'm not just talking about one of them I'm talking about all of them in general and yes this includes The Cluster too

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    • Not sure if i understand your question but, since they are cluster, what about rutile quartz?

      It's a quartz gem with rutile inside, so, yeah

      So, for me, the closer name to a cluster gem should be a gem with inclusions

      If you are talking about the original owners of that shards, i would say random homeworld gems, random crystal gems and maybe PD's court because what happened to them after the shattering?

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    • Well Jolmev what I mean is what gemstones do you think the Cluster Gems are and this includes The Cluster too and I do kind of agree with your point there however there were ones liKe Jasper that were reassigned to other Gems or even other Diamonds but as for the others I'm not sure

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