• We All Know Ronaldo, Predicted The Diamond Authority, and Predictef The Zoo, and Polymorphic Sentient Rocks, But in RT/CS

    Ronaldo Wait, so the hand wasn't here to snatch up humans for a human zoo, or interfere with our subsidized Beach City wind farm, or thaw out the cryogenically frozen pets of the one percent?!

    So Before Keystone Motel we knew almost Nothing About Ruby and Sapphire Besides Personality anyways "Thaw" Ruby extremely Hot(tempature),"Cryogenicly" Sapphire is Pretty Cold Now for the Big One but First "Pets" I mean Pearl are kinda like Toys/Pets and Sapphires can Have Pearls as Seen in Gem Hiest, Now For One Percent It wasn't Until The Awnser we Found Out About Her High Ranking and Rareness as in 1% of Gems it could Have also Been Something Else About The Zoo

    It could be a strtch But Ronaldo is a Stretch of questonably sane character

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    • RANOLDA.

      Also, i'm pretty sure everyone knows about this.

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