• -Why didn't you like Gem Harvest? I'm not judging, i just want some insight

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    • Where did you find that information?

      I was just um, kind of dissapointed? It was yet another clickbait. I was hoping to see how Gems are "harvested" like what Peridot mentioned right when she was fred from the bubble, but nope, we got racist uncle.

      Atleast he comes in handy during the Zoo arc. Gem Harvest could have had another title and an actual episode about gem harvesting could be called Gem Harvest instead.

      I didn't really hate it though. Just mild disappointed, I could still enjoy it.

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    • Sorry for the late reply, saw you comment about it on the problem with lapis thread

      TBF something i've learned about SU is that the biggest things happen in lackluster titles

      Super Watermelon island dosen;t sound like an episode where Alexandrite would fight Malachite

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    • So Reunion won't be good.

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    • A FANDOM user
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