• In Know your Fusion people kept wondering Why is Pearl on it, but not Seven or Amethyst, at this Point Steven is  Stronger than Pearl, but anyways There is an EXTREMELY Obvious reason for why They aren't there and I Bet everyone already figured this out, But....... There's No Point. Just that There is  No Reason to Put it There because we Know, and Sardonyx Knows for a Fact that all fusions are stronger that the Sum of their Parts, so they Don't Need to see if they are stronger


    Thanks Padparadscha

    Padparadscha Sapphire 1

    Your Welcome

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    • Since when is Steven stronger then Pearl?

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    • Delivers wrote:
      Since when is Steven stronger then Pearl?

      He has a Wider Skilset than Pearl and is Physically seen to be able to Lift things Pearl coukd never dream of doing.Also he's a Non-Defective Quartz and Quartez are WAY Stronger than Pearls especially since Steven is reaching his Full Potential

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    • I find that HIGHLY doubious 

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