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    My thoughts: I found that the FBI in SU's Earth is called Department of Justice: Federal Bureau.

    But the question still remains, where were those guys during the various ordeals? For Ex. Cry for Help, where were the feds when Peridot jacked the signal to everyone's television. This signal jacking appears to be global so that means every federal agency from every country should be hunting down Peridot. Because she just jacked the signal from every TV on the planet. Also, It's still the FBI just the I for Investigation replaced Department of Justice. But I digress because for me, I'm personally glad they diddn't show up. and in another discussion, you'll see why I'm glad.

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    • Review for the video:

      0:17 Because it's not your US goverment, SU's earth is different thanks to the social reppercussions caused by an alien invasion 6000 years ago, actually SU's earth is a good example of what would happen if the ancient aliens stuff from history channel were true, therefore nasa maybe doesn't exists, we don't know

      This dude's t-shirt is weird

      5:29 SU's earth is not our earth, is a "What if?" earth, again

      Really nice rant XDDD I'm not sure about subscribing to this guy yet :v

      To your thread/threads:

      "My thoughts: I found that the FBI in SU's Earth is called Department of Justice: Federal Bureau."

      Where? O.o


      You just fixed the plothole, it makes perfect sense, the goverment does know about this monsters and etc but they know also about the CG so they just don't get involved, that's an old story, but you guys managed to explain it very great :DD

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