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    WARNING: Some speculation, the first two are weapon theories, check the ones you find interesting, this thread is LONG

    This thread is about some stuff i wrote about Bismuth and the episode of the same name in random comments, i wanted to summarize it, feel free to read it or ignore it

    I also rewatched the episode to improve it, via symbolism and honorable mentions


    Bismuth modified Rose’s shield to put the gem rebellion symbol on it

    Apparently, gems like Peridot, Pearl or else, don’t have their own weapon, Rose could not be the exception, so simply, Bismuth made her a weapon and the end

    But, we have seen that most soldier gems have their own weapons (Topaz, Jasper, Amethyst, etc), Quartz gems are mostly associated with soldiers and the homeworld military, so Rose Quartz probably was meant to be a soldier

    Rose's Shield

    Rose's shield with the symbol of the rebellion

    Her weapon is a shield, that matches perfectly with her healing powers, whatever the diamond/gem/etc who made the Rose Quartzes, made them as a defense gem to be used in battle, i think that’s clever because it will reforce their allies, making battles easier

    But, the gem that made the Rose Quartzes couldn’t just put the rebellion symbol in Rose’s shield from the beginning, so my theory is that after Rose met Bismuth and convience her to join the rebellion, Bismuth took Rose’s shield and redesigned it, so it will have the rebellion symbol

    Besides, the reflective properties of the shield could come from the gem who created the Rose Quartzes

    Bismuth made a gauntlet for Sapphire

    Ruby summoned only one gauntlet in “Keystone motel” when she punched the table, so Where’s the other gauntlet? A quick answer will be “she only summoned one because reasons” or “Sapphire makes her summon two”

    I think that Sapphire has her own gauntlet as well, you guys can notice that Ruby’s gauntlet is in her right hand, and Sapphire has her gemstone in her right hand, that has some cute symbolism

    Also, Eyeball’s weapon is a tiny knife, Why our Ruby’s is different?

    So, What if Bismuth made each one a gauntlet, so when they fuse, they protect each other’s gemstone?

    As she said, she equipped the entire rebellion, so maybe she changed the default weapons of most of the Crystal gems

    Bismuth poofed Lapis

    This one is pretty short, the Bismuth that poofs our Lapis in “Same Old World” looks like a shadow version of our Bismuth, the end XD

    The breaking point will come back

    Steven's sandal

    Steven's sandal melting

    When Steven and Bismuth are fighting in the “secret forge chamber” one of Steven’s sandals fall in the magma and it starts melting right there

    But, when Steven throws the breaking point in the lava, in may sound that something is burning, but we just get an image of the breaking point sinking, not melting

    Not melting definitivo

    1 - It is not melting >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2 - It just sinks

    And what gem can enter her hands into lava without problem? Bismuth! :DD

    So, if Bismuth comes back, the breaking point will come back, basically

    Wondering if it really didn’t melted and what material Bismuth used for it, i mean it doesn’t even look like its heating up, but yeah, stuff throwed in magma doesn’t melt right away (but it also doesn’t sink)

    Why bothering in showing the sandal and then the breaking point btw?

    Episode stuff


    • Rose’s face in the portrait is covered during the first 5 min’s of the episode, in which Steven mets Bismuth, shortly after this episode, we learn that Rose shattered PD, Bismuth’s episode starts the doubts about Rose, so, foreshadowing; her face is only showed when Bismuth talks good about her
    • The poker game (Fictional Crystals, a theorizer from youtube made a quick mention of it in this video , at 3:40, but i’m not sure about it), then Garnet wins with 4 hearts, so, love wins? Idk

    Notable mentions

    • Bismuth’s face when the battle for the Zigurath is mentioned, so maybe she wasn’t poofed right there
    • Bismuth mentions a dropship and a Nephrite, guess what? Some people say my favourite gem (Centi) is a Nephrite and Pearl mentioned a dropship when Steven came back from homeworld, hope for Centi coming back soon :3 (basically she established some relation between random dropships and random Nephrites)
    • Bismuth makes her weapons via some sort of powder metallurgy and then forging (not sure about this)
    • “Not every Quartz can make a whip like this” so gems create their own weapons, possibly (so Bismuth changed their weapons LOL)
    • The episode foreshadows itself with "Lonely Blade"


    • Imagine if they give us something to translate the gem language, rewatching the whole series just for knowing what it says LOL (YES! :DD)
    • So What do you guys think about this? is this stuff true, is it false, well, Who Knows? Rebecca knows e.e
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