• How are you able to make yo wall so beautiful?

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    • With CSS.

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    • Do I need to be specific? I mean how can you make the div surround your wall? Can you teach me?

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    • Not trying to be mean, but I don't have time to explain and I'm also on mobile which takes a lot of time. You can ask Robyn as he gave me the main code!

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    • Thanks for the advise anyways!

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    • Go to your greeting and

      <div style="padding:1em; border:13px solid orange; border-radius:250px; color:DeepSkyBlue;; box-shadow:0em 0em 10em orange">
      <div style="padding:1em; border:4px solid orange; border-radius:25px; color:AliceBlue;; box-shadow:0em 0em 10em red">
      <div style="padding:1em; border:red;  border-radius:25px; color:DarkTurquoise;; border:Sky Blue; border-radius:25px; border-radius:25px PowderBlue; color:white; font-family:Comic sans ms; box-shadow:0em 0em 10em orange">
      <!--must be here or the greeting will not load correctly-->
      {| style="width:100%; border-radius: 5px; background: #00ced1; border: 0px solid #00ced1; margin-bottom: 5px;"|<div class="roundtop" style="background: #e0ffff; text-align: center; border:2px solid #00ced1; padding:3px; vertical-align:top; webkit-border-radius:5px; border-radius:10px "><span style="color:#00FFFF;" class="nounderlines"><div style="font-family:Nunito; color:#00FFFF;">'''AbuseFilter Editor'''</div></span> <div style="font-family:Nunito; color:#00FFFF;">'''Doork is responsible for protecting the wiki from trolls and vandals. To aid them they have the power to use [[Help:AbuseFilter|AbuseFilter]]. Please contact {{Gender:{{PAGENAME}}|him|her|them}} on {{Gender:{{PAGENAME}}|his|her|their}} message wall if you need {{Gender:{{PAGENAME}}|his|her|their}} help.'''</div></div> |}

      i think

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    • oh yeah and change the colors

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    • ok.

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    • A FANDOM user
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