• Another gemstone says "It features a circular shaped facet and is shaped in the same way." so, consistency, right? what do you think? :3

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    • I don't see the phrase "It features a circular shaped facet and is shaped in the same way" prevalent on any other article, so I don't see how it's consistent.

      I undid your addition only because it's worded poorly and is overall an unnecessary edit.

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    • Jolmev screenshoot

      It says it :T

      The second gemstone, circular shape and circular facet, that's why i used the same sentence for the rhomboidal one, because another one already has it, consistency

      about unnecessary edits, idc about my edit counter, if there's some weird trouble with that ._.

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    • It may not appear on another article, but it does appear in the same article, since it's to clarify that a gemstone from this fusion has the same facet and shape, you could have that clarification for both circular and rhomboidal or erase it from circular

      so, what do you think?

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    • It only appears once, while the other gem descriptions don't include that particular wording. Hence, there is no consistency.

      And it doesn't add any additional information, it's only extending an otherwise complete and descriptive sentence.

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    • well, i talked with Ollie (third opinion) and he agreed with leaving it like that (like how it is right now)


      you can close this btw

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    • A FANDOM user
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