• Sockpuppetry is against the rules. As a result of this your block would have been shorter but due to your accumulation of previous rule violations I have no other option except to block you for 3 months. Please remember that this is a community built on trust and respect. If you lose both of those you become a red flag for the staff, who place you under careful watch.

    Likewise, you should treat other users like you expect to be treated yourself. I highly doubt this consists of "meme" like posts; a phrase I highlight as it surpasses the usual level of enjoyable nonsense speak the community, including myself, engage in. It also sparks questions as to whether you are legally allowed to be on wikia, and older than the 13 year old account holder rule we enforce. There are no current reasons regarding that contributing towards your block, and by no means are you required to give your age out, just remember that all we have as basis for these assumption is the way you act.

    Please use these several months to review your behaviour on-site, and the wiki's policies regarding behaviour.

    17:28, October 14, 2017 (UTC)
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