• Tell me about the world where Greg had stayed in college, have a successful job and never met Rose Quartz in the first place. Make a world where Steven was never born.

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    • I don't remember what he was studying so idk about him, maybe he would be unhappy because he really loves music

      Without Greg, gems doesn't interact with humans a little more and Steven is not born

      Case A:

      Without Steven, Connie never mets them (and dies due to a falling rock if she ignored the fence that would still be there)

      Without Connie, Steven doesn't ask Pearl for teaching school stuff and doesn't release Lapis

      Without Lapis, Peridot doesn't land in beach city when she returns, so the events that lead to their knowledge of the cluster never happen

      Case B:

      Without Steven, the crystal gems don't found Peridot's robonoids and don't meet Peridot, so they never know about the cluster

      Case C:

      The cluster does emerge, but instead of destroying the earth, it crawls to the surface and the Temple fusion battles it, it's epic

      Also, Blue Diamond casually goes to earth but she doesn't kidnaps anyone, so the crystal gems don't go to rescue that person, which ends in no one suggesting Blue to get more humans, so no humans in beach city (or else) are captured, OH! and also, Steven doesn't give Peridot a list of humans, so even less likely, thanks Steven, in this paragraph you are the villain

      Bismuth is never released

      Lars is still normal

      Sour Cream possibly doesn't exist (maybe an older Onion does if Vidalia and Yellow Tail still end togheter)

      Jasper is not corrupted




      Centi never reunites with the 2 members of her crew >:@

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    • I have another idea (and is still not related to Greg)

      If they capture Peridot and else, Rose could replace Steven's role from catch and release but in a rude way (she's kind and everything but possibly more rude than Steven), that would be awesome

      Maybe Greg's relationship with his family turns good, but i insist, he loves music, that's his thing, so, if we want to have a happy life for him, without Marty, he could find another manager or end as a music teacher, but not another job, i mean, in the car wash he has time for music, music is not a hobbie that would consume little time if you really love it (not my case and i'm having a knot in my throat while writing this)

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      • Rose would exist, obviously.
      • The Crystal Gems would still be a thing.
      • If anything, Rose would find a new mate.
      • The Cluster would continue to grow, as without Peridots knowledge of it.
      • Lapis would still be in the mirror, as there would be no one to show or release her.
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